Aug 25, 2015

Actress Go Ah Sung, who's playing the role of intern Lee Mi Rye in the upcoming thriller film 'Office', declared that she would "quit an office job within two days."

The actress gave an interview at a cafe in Seoul during which she confessed that she would not be able to stand an office job. When asked by the interviewer how she would feel if she was clocking in 9-5 at a company, Go Ah Sung responded, "I think I would have quit after one or two days. The office was so noisy that I was shocked. When I went on a tour [of an office], I found it fascinating that [the employees] were able to concentrate and even take calls. I observed the people who came out of the company after working overtime. It was creepy how their faces were soulless. The way they left work like that left a great impression on me."

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