Oct 26, 2010

The Fugitive: Plan B

Above picture are from the Korean drama that now is airing at KBS world channel 392, every Wed and Thu 9.00pm. The cast Bi Rain, Lee Na-Young, Daniel Hanney, Lee Jeong-jin and Yun Jin-seo.

The plot of drama is like this

Ji-Woo (Rain) works as a private investigation administrator. He's good looking, lives luxurious daily life, has a global business and carries romances in every country he goes to. Ji-Woo's only problem is that he is the prime suspect in the murder of his long-time partner and friend Kelvin. One day, an attractive woman comes to him as a client and he will soon face a violatile case with an outcome even he can't predict.

Jini (Lee Na-Young) has experienced the world and pursued ambitious dreams. Since the day she find out she was adoptee her life changes. Jini was adpoted by her uncle after the death of her parents. Then Jini's adoptive parents were killed. The only clue Jini has of the perpetrator is a mysterious figure named Melchidec. Jini believes Melchidec killed her foster parents and soon will kill her. She now approaches private detective Ji-Woo, who is was involved in her foster parents murder in Las Vegas.

Kai (Daniel Henney ) is an international shipping businessman and a core lobbyist connecting Asia with North America. From a young age Kai has acquired power, fortune, and intricate network connections. He is also the only person Jini can trust and love. Because of the threat Jini feels over her life and anyone that comes close to her, she pushes Kai away. When Jini drags Ji-Woo into her foster parents investigation, Kai uses all of his fortune and personnel networking to get back her love.

Do-Soo (Lee Jeong-Jin) is a detective. He comes from a poor background, so he works obsessively to have overachieve. But, Do-Soo gets shot by Ji-Woo and his pride is wounded. Moreover, he is passed over for a promotion. He decides to go over Ji-Woo.

So-Ran (Yun Jin-Seo) isn't good at martial arts, but stubbornly attempts to complete. She believes Do-Soo's kindness to her is a sign of affection from him. So-Ran never thinks that her affections for Do-Soo might be one-sided. Her pressure to arrest Ji-Woo makes Do-Soo indifferent to her.
Mula-mula tengok drama ni, scene nya start dengan Rain half naked tengah swim dalam laut. Pada pendapat aku drama ni memang hanya penuh dengan rain tayang dia punya body yang sexy. Mempergunakan popularity rain. Jalan cerita best tapi lakonan rain nampak fake and overacting.
Aku suka rain tapi dalam drama ni nampak dia over tak macam masa dia berlakon Full House dan A time to kill. Bagi yang memang peminat rain mesti nampak perbezaan cara lakonan rain kali ini.

Boleh la try tengok pada yang memang suka Korean drama. Cerita ni consider comedy romance jugak, so cuba la try...but rain sexy and hot yeah he really hot. ^_^.
Here is the link.....
The Fugitive: Plan B


  1. Rain is like 'playboy' style in this series. OK for me. But I prefer Kai and Do-Soo as I think they are cool! ^.^

  2. same goes to me kai more macho and cool. do-soo also cool but look a bit gay ^_^.


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