Sep 14, 2011

How Much Does It Cost to Maintain an Idol Girl Group in 1 month?

How much money does it take to dress, feed, and shelter a girl group?

According to Y Star, a Korean cable channel, the figure comes out to 65 million won per month for a popular 7-member girl group. The figure translates into approximately $60,000 United States dollars.

The biggest drain on money, not unexpectedly, is for the monthly rent on their dormitories. Approximately $22,000 dollars are spent on sheltering a girl group each month.

Apart from that, money spent on hair and makeup comes to a whopping $19,000 dollars per month – and that’s with a 50 percent celebrity discount. For skin care, companies invest $9,000 dollars to keep their idols looking blemish-free.

Add in the miscellaneous expenses – $10,000 dollars for food and transportation – and the companies are looking at nearly $60,000 dollars per month to keep their stars on top.

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