Feb 1, 2012

Taiwanese Drama - Extravagant Challenge / Skip Beat

Okay girls! warm your heart with this 2 handsome man from Super Junior. Did i say Super Junior?, yup they're famous group of K-Pop (Korean group) but this is Taiwanese drama! yes they're the main lead in this T-drama called Extravagant Challenge an adaptation from popular manga SKIP BEAT. The series just started on December 2011 it become a phenomenon to the young girls in Taiwan because of this 2 guys Choi Siwon and Lee Donghae from Super Junior - M. 

I watch mainly because this 2 guys. For me the story line not good as the manga/anime. Even the plot is same but can't stop from comparing with the manga story. Then i think Tsuruga Ren character which in manga portrayed as a cool, mature and has a bit devil look ^-^ is not really suitable with Choi Siwon personalities which Siwon look much more younger and he got soft and warm look. But for Donghae character as Sho Fuwa i like it so much. Also its look a bit weird since these guys when filming the drama they talk in korean language and their voice has been dub with Taiwanese actor later on. Since i'm a big fan of Choi Siwon when watch his face but heard not his voice it turn off my mood. 

Maybe you guys should try watch this drama and before that let's read some preview about it!!!

High school graduate Gong Xi gives up her chances for university in order to support her childhood friend and romantic goal, Bu Po Shang, in his pop idol career. Upon arriving in Taipei, Gong Xi starts working on multiple jobs in order to support Shang, whose popularity quickly rises, eventually becoming one of the top idols in Taiwan. One day, Gong Xi catches Shang flirting with his manager, and learns that he only used her so she can help him with his living expenses.

Heart-broken and betrayed, Gong Xi vows to get revenge by becoming a bigger star. Gong Xi auditions for L.M.E., Taiwan's largest talent agency, and joins L.M.E.'s new-found department "Love Me" with Jiang Nanqin, also a new recruit. At L.M.E. famous actor Dun Helian, disgusted by Gong Xi's reasons for joining the show business, consistently finds ways to annoy and taunt her. As Gong Xi's acting career starts to take off, she begins to discover a new sense of identity and purpose, separate from her initial plans of revenge. Lian also eventually warms up to her, and although at first in denial, he finds himself falling more and more in love with her.

Main characters

Ivy Chen as Gong Xi /Kyoko Mogami

A bright and intelligent high school graduate who gives up her chances for university to support her childhood friend and love interest, Bu Po Shang, in his pop idol career. She later finds out that Shang only used her for his own selfish reasons and had no intentions to spend the rest of his life with her. Devastated and vengeful, Gong Xi vows that she will exact revenge. Shang tells her that the only way to do this is to join the entertainment industry and defeat him. After much begging and pleading, she is finally accepted into L.M.E., Taiwan's largest talent agency, and joins the company's new-found department, Love Me

Siwon as Dun Helian /Ren Tsuruga:

A famous young actor who takes his profession very seriously. One of Taiwan's biggest stars, he is under the same talent agency as Gong Xi. Although he maintains a perfect public image, he is disgusted by Gong Xi's reasons for joining the show business and frequently finds ways to annoy and taunt her. He soon realizes Gong Xi's talent in acting and begins to support her endeavors. He eventually develops romantic feelings for Gong Xi, but she is too concentrated on her motives to notice his pursuits.

Donghae as Bu Po Shang /Shō Fuwa:

Bu Po Shang is Gong Xi's childhood friend and love interest. Although egotistical and arrogant, he is an extremely talented musician. Fully aware of Gong Xi's romantic feelings for him, he successfully convinces Gong Xi to travel with him to Taipei to support him financially while he focuses on developing his singing career. Ruthless and ambitious, Shang decides to abandon Gong Xi to get together with his manager, which leads to Gong Xi to join the entertainment industry for revenge. Upon seeing Gong Xi's transformation, Shang realizes that he had more feelings for her than he originally thought. He holds great animosity towards Dun Helian because of his popularity and his close relationship with Gong Xi.

Bianca Bai as Jiang Nanqin /Kanae Kotonami

A young rising star who attends the same auditions as Gong Xi. She is desperate for a successful acting career and initially despises Gong Xi for standing in her way. Similar to Gong Xi, she joins the "Love Me" department of L.M.E. to touch up on her acting ability. After working together in various projects, Gong Xi and Nanqin develop a deep friendship.

So here to make it easy i provide the link to watch online....to read the manga you can browse my label under Manga/anime and find Skip Beat.


  1. This drama has some critics when on air, the fans didn't like the Chinese dub-voices of Siwon n eventually the rating is low too. then the company change to another guy to play the voice for Siwon. I am yet to watch it, but will catch it soon as I like Siwon! :P

    1. yeah i know the dub voice heard really weird. i really don't like it. event after they change with the 2nd voice actor still i don't like it. Why not they use siwon original voice as i know he quite ok speaking Taiwanese. Now i no doubt that u will like the same guy as me since i like siwon too :p

  2. haha! no doubt we have the same taste always! I like Siwon after i watched "Poseidon". :)


T Drama - Extravagant Challenge / Skip Beat