Jul 5, 2011

Eye for Eye, Tooth for Tooth and EVIL for EVIL - Code Breakers

HELLO!!! it's time for me to introduce another Shounen manga. Is a manga created by mangaka Akimine Kamijyo running in Weekly Shōnen Magazine through Kodansha. It tells the story of a high-school girl who is trained in martial arts and a new transfer student, a boy with mysterious powers. Oh not forgot to mention this guy ogami he pretty cool and when you read more you will think he become more handsome, cool and interesting guy.

I am a huge fan of "Shounen" mangas with fighting and action. Code Breaker has a variety of fighting styles, from guns to swords to super-sonic waves, and of course fire! Oogami's ability of using fire is best worded as "bad-ass"! And it only gets better as the series goes on! But what I also like to see is some comedy, drama and even a bit of romance. Code Breaker gives you all of those. There are many hilarious parts in this story that crack me up and keep the story uplifting and entertaining! There are also, as I said, some romance parts. Don't let that turn you away from the story though, this isn't at all a "shoujo" sort of story where it's a constant love-battle and random hand-holding scenes. However, there are occasionally some hints of 'love interest' between characters that give the story a bit more of a plot.

If you enjoy some of those mainstream mangas like Bleach, Naruto & Fairy Tail then I can almost guarantee that you will like Code Breaker! It is sad that Code Breaker isn't among the most popular mangas, because I think it deserves to be up there.

Lets see some preview on synopsis and manga picture from the series.....


Riding the bus one day, Sakurakouji Sakura looks out the window to see people being burned alive with a blue fire and a boy her age who's unharmed and standing over the people. She comes back to the site the next day and there are no corpses or evidence of any kind of murder, just a small fire. She then goes to class to find there's a new transfer student, Oogami Rei, who looks exactly like the boy she saw before and wears a black glove only on his left hand. Oogami is a Code Breaker, one who "does not exist". He is a seemingly cold-blooded killer who follows the principle of "an eye for an eye", to "use evil against evil". Convinced that killing is not right, Sakurakouji sets out to stop him and penetrate his icy heart.

Code: Breakers
A top secret organization involved in the killing of evils who the law cannot bring to justice. There are only six in existence at any time. The code numbers does not necessarily indicate their strength, but indicate the time when they started working for Eden. However, Code: Breaker 01, also known as the Ace, is typically the strongest of the six. Each Code: Breaker adds their own addition to the Code of Hammurabi. Their abilities operate on a limited capacity and will have adverse effects on the body if overused, resulting in a loss of their powers for 24 hours, also called "lost form". It is later revealed that Code: Breaker will eventually die from their own powers. Aside from the Ace, all the current Code: Breakers have been revealed. Code: Breaker who are extraordinarily strong are given code names instead of code numbers.

Main Character

Sakura Sakurakouji. 
The main character, Sakura, is thought of as cute and helpless by boys who think they should protect her. However, she's actually a martial arts expert and turns down guys who ask her out based on their protective feelings because they don't know the real her. The story is told from Sakura's perspective, but her influence on the plot is bare minimal (despite her efforts).Prior to the storyline, she found an old dog whose homeless owner had died a few months before the start of the story. She attempts to befriend the dog whom she promptly names "Dog". Her attempts are fruitless until Ogami comes. She is immune to Rei's fire and cannot be burned for reasons unknown which strongly draws the interest of the Code: Breaker organization leading her to be dubbed as a "Rare Kind". Later through the story she is able to dispel other Code: Breakers' abilities, leading one to believe that her ability is that she negates the abilities of others. Together with her fighting skills, this makes Sakura a formidable force against other Code: Breakers and Re-Codes. She also seems to have a superior sense of smell, able to tell the real Yuuki from the fake by his smell, tell it's Ren in a costume, and even smell someone's personality.Sakura disagrees strongly with Ogami regarding his views on people, specifically criminals, and that they are trashes who need to die. It is later revealed that she is the daughter to the most respected head of the yakuza. After the fight with Haruto, she tells Rei that she was adopted by her parents when he tries to find albums of before she was 5. She was spared by Ogami because of her identity as a "rare kind". She cannot be affected by Ogami's flame at all and by hugging Kanda, she was able to cancel out Hitomi's electric mind control. She managed to completely reverse Yukihina's "Eternity Zero" although it used up all her power. Like the Code: Breakers, if she uses too much of her ability, she will revert to the size of a doll. Hitomi has hidden a key that the Re-Codes are looking for with "Puppy". After being kidnapped by "The one being Sought", she now has his tattoo on the back of her neck, something that greatly upsets Rei. She also remembers that she met "The one being Sought" back with she was a child and give the key to him, which means the key is originally Sakura's. 

She later met Inoichi in chapter 65 and in 66 when Sakura was in danger, Sakura had a flashback, remembering she knows Inoichi and Inoichi had always protected her and always stayed by her side.It is highly suggested in the later part of the series that there is more to her and the world of the Codes that she is unaware of, where the Code: Breakers deliberately had her leave to go on a camping trip while they fought the Re-Codes at the Shibuya Mansion.It was also revealed in chapter 75, "he" said that the room where Pandora'a Box was being kept (beyond the door, only accessible with the card key) was exactly the same as it was when their mother died (Ogami and "the one being sought") and that her death was caused by Sakura and "the one being sought" also mention that Sakura's memories should be starting to come back.In chapter 76, it was said that Ogami's and "the one being sought"'s mother die because of protecting Sakura, during that time, Ogami, Inochi, and Hitomi was there with Sakura during that incident, meaning Oogami already met Sakura when they were younger.In Chapter 77 it is revealed that she her real father is the Student Council President. In previous chapters, he has also stated that Sakura must not realize that she herself is a Rare Kind, otherwise, she cannot return to a normal lifestyle. It was also stated that the Student Council President didn't want Sakura to become like himself, a non-existent person because of the power of the rare kind.In Chapter 111 it is revealed that sakuras real mother was one of the four founders of eden.In Chapters 112 onward, it appears as though Sakura unknowingly has gained a crush on Ogami. When he initiates a hug towards her for the first time to prove that he was still warm and alive, her entire face turns red. When asked, she states that it was the first time he hugged her, so she was surprised, but Ogami didn't understand why she was blushing. In Chapter 113, Sakura grabs his fingers, saying that they were warm and the Emperor should be alive. Ogami moves to hold her whole hand, and once again she inexplicably blushes and stutters. 

Ogami, however, thinks that it is a 'feature of the rare kind' and thinks that he should do some more tests to examine her.IT was revealed that in chapter 122, when Sakura and Ogami are childhood friends and she was the one that took Ogami's arm, reasons are still not revealed yet.

Rei Ogami
The protagonist/antihero is a mysterious young boy about whom not much is known. His first appearance in the manga is when Sakura sees him in the park, and immediately becomes a transfer student at her school the next day. He wears a black glove on his left hand. His part time job is eliminating the "trash" of the people. He has so far eliminated a local gang called G-falcon who were attacking Sakurakouji and Dog, the local yakuza who controlled G-falcon, and a group of corrupt police officers, one of them vaguely knowing who the Code: Breakers are. He also apparently killed his own parents. His Code: Breaker codename is Code: 06, stating he is the weakest of the Code: Breakers.Ogami's left hand is capable of causing anything he touches (aside from Sakura) to combust into blue flames. However, in chapter 31 it is revealed that the ring around his thumb is a limiter, where when removed he no longer needs to touch to cause combustion and it is stated to surpass a Code: 01. 

He covers it with a black leather glove when he doesn't use his power, where this glove was given to him by his brother, and wears it as a reminder to kill him. It is later revealed that his arm is not his own, explaining why his fire power only comes from his left arm and not his right. In chapter 102 it is stated that he had died once while he was younger, and that the left arm he has now acts as a heart for him because it governs life and death, without it he would die. The Lost for Rei after using his power for extended periods causes him to have a high fever along with a lower body temperature and, like all other Code: Breakers, won't be able to use his power again until exactly 24 hours have elapsed. After the resurrection of "Code: Emperor", however, his lost form changes into invisibility, lasing for less than 24 hours. Ogami's left arm is not his; in fact, it belongs to the Code: Emperor. He is supposed to eliminate any witnesses to his powers, but he cannot fulfill this in Sakura's case because he cannot cause her to combust. As the story progresses, Ogami grows fond of Sakura. He become protective of her but denies it by acting cold. This grows more evident where he was willing to put on a stupid costume under the belief it would help Sakura return to normal size and became completely disociated after Sakura was kidnapped by "The one being Sought" to where he didn't realize he came to school in his pajamas and brought canned food instead of his school books.Ogami believes strongly in the idea behind the Code of Hammurabi, often citing the quote "Eye for eye, Tooth for tooth and adding on "EVIL for EVIL " Ogami fulfills a role similar to an anti-hero. 

Although he seems totally uncaring towards anyone, Sakura notes that his actions contradict his words and that he wouldn't go to such lengths if he didn't truly care. This is later shown where he has a complete uncaring attitude to Lily's mercenary's threats, only to react when he attempted to kill a pregnant woman. He also appears to have a hobby in swordsmanship and is quite skilled as well, able to slice through arrows while still in flight. He has completed studying under the student council president, strengthening his power and is currently heading to face the Re-Codes. On the fight with "The one being Sought" Oogami has memories of his life with "The one being Sought". Ogami ends up killing "The one being Sought",his brother, but had to be protected by Toki, Yuuki, and Sakura. This makes him stronger because he doesn't want his friends to get hurt for him. After defeating "The one being Sought" Ogami starts daydreaming and making models of castles. He starts staring into space as if regretting having killed his brother. He also gets a new power The Black Flame called Belphegor in chapter 104 which is strong enough to burn Yuuki's "Sound" but at a price. And his blue flame, "Satan's flame", also came at a price which was his sense of taste.In chapter 111 the emperor gives him an another power called the Mammon while fighting with heike. In chapter 121 it is revealed that he was the one that taught Sakura how to love living things, and was the one that made her to love hugging people. Special Technique: Flame away. He creates intensely hot blue flame that surrounds and burn the enemy.

Ok! i hope you enjoy with the summary. For those who wish to read this manga please click here!! CODE:BREAKER - Manga enjoy your reading.

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