Mar 29, 2012

SHINHWA they're back with VENUS.

Debut in 1998, they become the 1st idol group and a hallyu group for KPOP music. After 14 years they comeback with a new album.

Shinhwa is a six member group that consists of: Eric (the leader and main rapper), Lee Min-Woo (vocalist and main dancer), Kim Dong-wan (vocalist), Shin Hye-sung (main vocalist), Jun Jin (rapper and vocalist), and Andy (the maknae and rapper). Each of the members are distinct and are known for other things outside of Shinhwa. Min-Woo goes by the name M and has been releasing solo albums. Jun Jin and Andy are known for being in the variety shows X-Man, Banjun Dramas, and Love Letter (for all of the old K-pop fans, don’t pretend that you didn’t watch any of these shows!). They, as well as Dong-wan and Hye-sung, have also released solo albums. Eric has been going the actor route and has been in several dramas and movies with the most recent one being Spy Myung Wol.

Shinhwa originally debuted as a group under SM Entertainment up until 2003, when they switched to a fairly new company (at the time), Good Entertainment. Moving on from Good Entertainment, several members left to establish their own entertainment company (i.e. Min-Woo with M Rising Entertainmentand Eric with Top Class Entertainment). In July of 2011, the Shinhwa members became the first K-pop group to own their entertainment company. Even though the individual members had their own prospective companies, this joint-venture company would deal with Shinhwa’s activities as a whole. As for music, they have released 10 studio albums including this most recent album along with numerous compilation albums, a Japanese single and album, and digital singles.

Their 9th album was released on April 3 2008 with “One More Time” and “Run.” This album marked Shinhwa’s 10th year anniversary along with being the last album that they would make together before each member (with the exception of Hye-sung) would go into mandatory military service. Instead of going on music shows to promote, Shinhwa opted to have a mega-concert that could seat 22,000 people. Since this was the last concert for Shinhwa (at least for a while), all of the seats were filled.

Now after 4 years of waiting, the members are back from the military and have released their latest album The Return. With a new and more manly style easily they catch the heart of their long life fan. Mostly Idol group this day is fan of Shinhwa. They adore, respect and fond with this group relationship and loyalty between members. Lets hope they will continue to make awesome music for many more years to come. Shinhwa, welcome back to the world of K-pop.

On March 25th, Shinhwa held ‘2012 Shinhwa Grand Tour in Seoul: ‘The Return‘, their first concert in four years, at Seoul Olympic Park. The six members showcased their seamless dancing and singing with a variety of performances.

Shinhwa opened the show with their second album’s title song, “T.O.P“, with white jackets. The men performed a total of 24 songs, including “Hey, Come On“, “One More Time“, “Destiny of Love“, “It’s Ok“, “The Solver“, and their comeback song, “Venus“.

To showcase their unique friendship and all the love fans sent to them over the 14 years, Shinhwa created a video to show their sincerity towards their fans. The members of Shinhwa themselves were able to stay together because the fans’ memories and support helped the group continue despite the hardships and obstacles they had faced. After the video ended, Shinhwa appeared, singing “Once In a Lifetime“, with fans joining in to sing.

In addition, their idol group hoobaes were spotted in the crowd, such as TVXQ’s Changmin, Super Junior, Teen Top, and 2PM.

Concluding their two-day concert, Shinhwa relayed to their fans, “Thank you for loving us over the 14 years.”

Check out their MV for "VENUS". They still can dance awesomely good. ^_^

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