Feb 28, 2011

Most Handsome & Gentlemen Korean Actor

Do you know who are they? Hot, Sexy, Handsome, Macho, Cool & Gorgeous what else? can't describe it?

They are among from my most favorite Korean actor/singer. Really good with their job, like acting, singing and modelling. Each of them had their own strength and personalities. Come with the complete package no wonder their fan is all over the world. Some of them were already an International actor worked with well known producer and famous Hollywood, Hong Kong and Japan actors/actress.
Beside that some of them still anew in this industries but they have a good potential to be a big name in the future.

Let's see Top 10 Most Handsome & Gentlemen Actor/Singer in my Favorite list.......check it out!!!!

No. 1 - Jung Woo Sung

You can watch him now at Astro SOne HD 393 in drama Athena - Goddess of War. For me Jung Woo Sung is one of the best and most versatile Korean actors, he can do romance, action and melodrama movies. And his English is good too. I can't help but fall in love with this guy, his smile and physique are really awesome!! But you will love him more if you watched some of his movie. Let's peek a bit his profile......

Name        : Jung Woo Sung
Nickname  : Young Old Man
Profession  : Actor
Birthdate    : 1973-Mar-20
Birthplace  : Seoul, South Korea
Height        : 186cm
Weight       : 78kg
Star sign     : Pisces
Blood type : O
Family        : Two older brothers and a sister
Talent agency: SidusHQ
He gave up studying to achieve his dream of becoming an actor, dropping out of high school after one year. It was controversial at the time that he did not conceal this fact but rather claimed that he did not regret his decision.
He made his film debut in 1994 with Kumiho based on the Korean legend of a supernatural fox with nine tails that disguises itself as a beautiful woman. Two years later, he starred in Beat, which put him on the map of Korea's film industry, wherein he portrays a high school dropout who struggles to survive and help his friend who has gone to work for the mob.
Other notable films include Musa (lit. Warrior), A Moment to Remember, Daisy, City of the Rising Sun and Sad Movie.

No. 2 - Kwon Sang Woo

He's got the height, the looks, and the body. Kwon Sang-woo is a trend setter and favorite for people of all ages, putting him at number two in my list. I like all his drama and movie. He really a talented actor, can bring any character the producer give him. He like to do his own stunt. Oh he really had a good abs ^_^ but he a married man with a son.

Name        : Kwon Sang Woo
Profession : Actor and model
Birthdate   : 1976-Aug-05
Birthplace : Daejeon, South Korea
Height      : 182cm
Weight     : 70kg
Star sign   : Leo
Blood type: O
Family      : Wife/actress Son Tae Young, son Luke
Talent agency: ISTAR

Kwon was made known to Asian countries through his popular movie, My Tutor Friend (2003), and Sad Love Story (2005) but it was his character as Cha Song Joo in Stairway to Heaven alongside Choi Ji Woo that boosted his popularity, especially in Asian countries, as Stairway to Heaven was amongst the most popular Korean dramas in the Asian region. Another popular role was in Once Upon a Time in High School, set in the 1970s, highlighting the authoritarian nature of Korean society at the time.
In 2004, Kwon starred in a film, Love, So Divine, as a Catholic priest.
Kwon was the primary spokesperson for The Face Shop in Korea, appearing in a variety of advertising, but he was replaced by Bae Yong Joon soon after his wedding.
Kwon's latest projects are the film More Than Blue and TV drama Cinderella Man.

No. 3 - Song Seung Hun

I watched this guy acting in 'Autumn In My Heart' 10 years ago. Now he become the most talented and respectable actor in Korea. He got the complete package, good looking, nice body, good style and good acting skill. He also can sing. 

Name       : Song Seung Hun
Nickname : Tough guy
Profession : Actor, model and singer
Birthdate   : 1976-Oct-05
Birthplace : Suyuri, Seoul, South Korea
Height       : 179cm
Weight      : 70kg
Star sign    : Libra
Blood type: B
Family       : Brother and sister
Talent agency: Storm S Company

After beginning his career as a model, Song first became known to viewers in the popular sitcom Three Guys and Three Girls in 1996. The following year he started his extremely successful career in TV dramas, which made him well-known throughout Korea.In 2002, Song starred in the comic-action film Make It Big by director Cho Ui Seok, and also in the Hong Kong film So Close with Hong Kong actresses: Karen Mok, Shu Qi and Zhao Wei. He also starred in Scent of Summer, the third "season-themed" TV drama after Autumn Fairy Tale and Winter Sonata, which was well-received, but not as popular as the ones that preceded it.Song was cast in a 2010 film The Invincible. This movie is a Korean remake of the film A Better Tomorrow that casts Hong Kong stars Chow Yoon-fat, and Leslie Cheung. Although it is a remake, the story line will be different. Song will be the main character and the filming will start November 2009.

Then actor in ranking 4 - 10 are like below:-

No. 4 / Lee Byung Hun - Actor that has been acting in several Hollywood movie like GI-Joe.
No. 5 / Won Bin - A good actor and model.  His famous drama 'Autumn in My Heart' together with  Song Seung Hun.  But he make a fame in international realm with the movie Taegukgi:The Brotherhood of War.
No. 6 / Bi Rain - A good singer, dancer and actor. Had his own Hollywood film 'Ninja Assassin' and he make a big influence with his acting and dancing skill in USA. With his awesome body his been awarded with 'MTV Movie Award - Biggest Bad ass Star'.  
No. 7 / Jung Yunho - or usually called U-Know Yunho. Is the leader of Korean Hit Boyband DBSK/TVXQ. Yunho was a great rapper and dancer. He also active in acting drama and film.
No. 8 / Daniel Henney - An International actor and model with a mix face, tall and nice body figure.  He make a debut in Korean drama 'My name is Kim sam soon / My lovely samsoon a long with Hallyu actor Hyun Bin. He also make a debut in Hollywood film 'X-Men Origin:Wolverine' acting side by side with Hugh Jackman as Zero.
No. 9 / Choi Siwon - A member's of Super Junior and Super Junior M. Recently further his acting role in drama like Oh! My lady and Athena Goddess Of war a long side Jung Woo Sung
No. 10 / Lee Min Ho - Actor who is best known in drama 'Boys over flower' as Gu Jun Pyo. He makes a huge fan with this role. But i think he more success in modelling than acting.
I'm making a long list my most favorite gentlemen. Actually lot more but this the best list that i can figure out. So how about you all? 


  1. My list is as below:-
    1) Song Seung Hun
    2) Bae Yong Joon (lead actor of Winter Sonata) &
    An Jae-Wook (lead actor of Mr. Goodbye)
    3) Kwon Sang Woo

    Rain, Lee Dong Wook, Lee Jun-Ki, Jae Hee,
    Jo Hyun Jae & Kim Jeong Hoon.

    I think i only can rate my top 3, the rest cannot be rated but they are my fav K-actors. :P

    is the best among the handsome and gentlemen.
    i know u love him!!!!
    Pls support.. :D


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