Feb 27, 2011

SUPER JUNIOR, Girls' Generation and 2PM in the list "Top 40 power Celebrity" by Forbes Korea

Forbes Korea ranked the top 40 celebrities in Korea. They first gathered a list of the most-searched celebrities from portal sites, then trimmed the list by keeping the top 100 that had appeared on many variety shows, dramas, movies or was active in sports.

Then they examined how much each celebrity earned with one filming of a CF or a drama episode. Then an examination of how frequently they appeared on music videos and on the first page of various magazines and took over one whole page of a printed newspaper.

The number of appearances on variety shows were taken into consideration, as well as the rankings on Hanteo chart for singers. MCs were checked for how many shows they MCed and how frequently the shows aired, and drama and movie actors were checked for the popularity of the work and how much they were paid for it.

Girls' Generation (SNSD) was lead the list followed by Park Jisung the soccer player that played for Manchester United Club. Singer & actor Lee Seunggi (Lead actor in My girlfriend is Gumiho) listed for no. 4, 2PM in rank 5, Bi Rain in no 13 and SUPER JUNIOR was rank in no 16. Other celebrity in the list are won bin, Hyun Bin, Kang Hodong, BEAST, 2NE1 and Lee Min Ho.

The end product was:

1. Girls’ Generation (Singer)
2. Park Jisung (Soccer player)
3. Kim Yuna (Figure skater)
4. Lee Seunggi (Singer)
5. 2PM (Singer)
6. Yu Jaesuk (MC)
7. Lee Chungyong (Soccer player)
8. 2AM (Singer)
9. Chu Shinsoo (Baseball player)
10. Kang Hodong (MC)
11. Lee Hyori (Singer)
12. Yoon Siyoon (Actor)
13. Rain (Singer)
14. Park Chuyoung (Soccer player)
15. Shin Mina (Actress)
16. Super Junior (Singer)
17. Wonbin (Actor)
18. Hwang Jungeum (Actress)
19. Kim Hyesu (Actress)
20. Go Hyunjung (Acress)
21. Kang Dongwon (Actor)
22. Lee Daeho (Baseball player)
23. Park Taehwan (Swimmer)
24. Lee Nayoung (Actress)
25. Jang Donggun (Actor)
26. Shin Sekyung (Actress)
27. Lee Kyungkyu (MC)
28. Big Bang (Singer)
29. Lee Minjung (Actress)
30. Choi Kyungjoo (Golfer)
31. 2NE1 (Singer)
32. Hyunbin (Actor)
33. Bae Yongjoon (Actor)
34. Moon Geunyoung (Actress)
35. Lee Minho (Actor)
36. Han Hyojoo (Actress)
37. Kim Taehee (Actress)
38. Park Chanho (Baseball player)
39. Park Myungsoo (MC)
40. BEAST (Singer)

Source: Forbes Korea and akasharing, koreaboo

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