Feb 9, 2011

Falling in love with own sister! - Devil Beside You

When i read Lovey Dovey manga, it's remind me with this Taiwanese Drama back in 2005. I love this T-Drama, Mike He so handsome and cool. I know Rainie Yang from 'Meteor Garden' as a best friend to San Chai. Actually the character between Lovey Dovey Manga & Devil beside you is almost the same in someway.
Actually this drama is base from Manga series Akuma de Sourou (The Devil Does Exist). I just read the manga recently it's awesome. It published in 1999 with 41 chapter and the drama come with 20 episode. But the reception in ASIAN towards this drama is not as huge as 'Meteor garden' franchise. Me too watched this drama a year after the broadcast when 'Meteor Garden' gave a huge impact for Taiwanese drama in Asia.
Is simple, romantic, heart warming and lot of lovely scene. The character of 'Ahmon/Ah Meng' that attract me with this drama (not to mention Mike He so COOL).


The story begins with Qi Yue planning to confess her liking to the basketball team captain, Yuan Yi. She wrote a love letter and plans to pass it to him. Being as careless as only she can be, she has made her confession to the wrong person, who happened to be the school's devil, Ah Meng (her junior, a first year student in school). She is so shocked and embarrassed to see Ah Meng's face that she drops her love letter in front of Ah Meng and runs away. Ah Meng picks up the letter.
Ah Meng is amused by the whole thing and decides to have some fun with Qi Yue. He threatens Qi Yue to print a thousand copies of her love letter and let the whole school know of her liking for Yuan Yi. In order to stop Ah Meng, Qi Yue agrees to be his 'runner'.

With Ah Meng's continuous bullying of Qi Yue, she is driven to stop all the nonsense by confessing her liking to Yuan Yi again. In this way, she will not be afraid of Ah Meng's disclosing the love letter anymore. To Qi Yue's surprise, Yuan Yi has a similar liking for her.
While Qi Yue assumes that the whole ordeal with the devil is going to end, she receives another piece of bad news - her mom is going to marry the school's chairman who is also Ah Meng's father, which means Ah Meng is going to be her stepbrother.

Qi Yue's love letter is being put up on the school notice board and she misunderstands that it is Ah Meng who did it. She confronts him and storms off. After realizing that she has misunderstood Ah Meng, she apologises to Ah Meng and pleads him to hit her so that she feels better - Ah Meng kisses her instead. Yuan Yi happens to see them kissing and confronts their relationship, Ah Meng yells at Yuan Yi, saying that he wants Qi Yue. After Yuan Yi runs away in anger, Qi Yue looks at Ah Meng and begins to sob. After Qi Yue walks away in tears, Ah Meng has a strong feeling of guilt.
Yuan Yi regrets not believing in Qi Yue and returns to her, asking her out on a date. Qi Yue agrees happily. On their first date, they met Ah Meng again. Qi Yue and Ah Meng have some misunderstandings and they went separate ways.
Qi Yue finally realizes that the person she likes is Ah Meng. She tells Yuan Yi the truth and walks away. In the evening, she sits alone at the playground, crying softly to herself for hurting Yuan Yi. Ah Meng finds her and comforts her.

Due to their relationship as future stepsiblings, they keep their romantic relationship in the dark. Except for some close friends of Ah Meng & Qi Yue, nobody knows of their relationship.
Ah Meng's grandmother suspects that Ah Meng and Qi Yue are seeing each other. She plans to matchmake Ah Meng with a rich girl, Mei Di, which Qi Yue feels sad and uncertain. At the same time, Qi Yue's first love reappears as her school lecturer (Ah Sen). This causes Ah Meng to be jealous and he feels insecure. Ah Meng rejects Mei Di and she left wishing Qi Yue and him happiness. Similarly, Qi Yue tells Ah Sen that she likes Ah Meng and he goes back to his girlfriend.

Following that adventure, Ah Meng and Qi Yue take advantage of their parents' out of town trip to travel to see Qi Yue's father's grave. They get caught in a rain storm and discover that the train is not running. Ah Meng gets a hotel room, but Qi Yue can't stand the tension and makes the trip back home to find her mother waiting for her. She finally confesses that she and Ah Meng are a couple. Since this is going to be a problem for the family, her mother decides that they will have to move out of the house. However, when she faints, they find out that she's pregnant. Though it isn't proper, they decide that they will support Ah Meng and Qi Yue's relationship, and continue their own.
While things seem to be going fine again, Ah Meng's mom comes back and wants Ah Meng to go to Italy with her to pursue his studies. When Ah Meng finally agrees to go with her, Qi Yue is heartbroken. At the playground, Ah Meng tells Qi Yue that she can continue to date other people while he is away but he will always like her only. They embrace. Together, they decided it was time to have their "first time" together. They attend their parents' wedding a few days afterwards.......
Main Character:
  • Qi YueQi Yue is a sweet and innocent sophomore in college who lives with her widowed mother. She is very shy and sometimes clueless, but has a loyal and kind heart that shines even through the toughest of times. She harbors a crush on the captain of the basketball team, Yuan Yi, but her life is turned upside-down by Ahmon. Eventually, she falls out of love with Yuan Yi and starts developing feelings for Ahmon. She constantly worries about him and their relationship being discovered. Qi Yue is also one of the managers of the basketball team. Although it hurts for her to accept that Jiang Meng is her future brother, she still continues to love the devil boy.
  • Jiang MengNicknamed Ah Meng and Ahmon by his fellow peers, he is the son of the president of the school. He is a freshman at the college, yet he has power over his teachers due to his father's position. Ahmon is also frightening to a lot of people and is known to bully girls, yet he is also known as the "prince of seduction." Despite his cool composure and "bad" attitude, Ahmon has a gentle side and often sticks up for what is right. Li Xiang has a crush on him, which he does not reciprocate, but Ahmon has feelings for Qi Yue. Although she is his future stepsister (elder), he does love her and enjoys teasing her. He knows that she loves him but gets jealous when he finds out that there are new people that are pursuing her. Ahmon also joins the basketball team and has faster reflexes than rival Yuan Yi's. Ah Meng also has a little brother.
  • Shang Yuan YiYuan Yi is a boy in Qi Yue's class (teasingly nicknamed "Ah Yi (Auntie in Chinese)", and is the captain of the basketball team. Qi Yue is initially in love with Yuan Yi for his gentle personality. Yuan Yi reciprocates her feelings and they become a couple. When Qi Yue falls in love with Ahmon, she breaks up with Yuan Yi, wishing not to lead him on. Yuan Yi is angry and hostile towards Ahmon at first, but gets over it and realizes his feelings for Qing Zi after she kisses him and he admits that he has feelings towards Qi Yue but he also knows he has no more chance because of Ahmon..

  • Qing ZiQing Zi is Qi Yue's outspoken best friend. She and Xiao Cai are the ones who encourages Qi Yue to confess her love to Yuan Yi, even though Qing Zi herself had a crush on him. Qing Zi cares for Qi Yue a lot and spends a lot of effort in helping her. After Qi Yue and Yuan Yi break up, Qing Zi starts dating Yuan Yi. Qing Zi and Yuan Yi's relationship is tested when Qing Zi feels that Yuan Yi is spending more time playing basketball than being with her. Feeling dejected, she meets with a stranger she chatted with online. She later gets into a tussle with him and Yuan Yi comes to her rescue instead of playing in the team's basketball match. When her father gets a new job, he forces her to emigrate with him, taking her away from Yuan Yi and her friends. Yuan Yi, in order to keep her with him, challenges her father, a skilled swordsman.

So did you think this drama is worth it to watch?...just click link below...

Devil Beside You - Drama
Devil Beside You - Manga


  1. I don't think i've seen this drama before. I think i've seen another drama which is also the same couple starring in it. That story is that the guy has an elder bro, who's also love the girl, i think the girl is using some coupon to exhange for something with the guy, but i can't recall the name of the series! :P

  2. Oh maybe you can give a try. i really like this drama. the other drama u mention if not mistaken called Why why love. i watched it also but devil beside you more better than that.

  3. This drama is really cute! I really enjoyed the cast Rainie and Mike playing the lead couple!

  4. this drama is so nice .... i love mike he and rainie yang love you,,,,


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