Oct 25, 2011

SM artists Rocked New York - SMTOWN IN NEW YORK

SM artists has again created a new history for K-pop, Madison Square Garden which had always been the kingdom of English artists is echoed with Korean songs and dominated by K-pop idols.

On October 23, SM Entertainment hold concert ‘SM Town Live in New York‘ at Madison Square Garden where famous K-pop idols viz Super Junior, Shinee, TVXQ, Girl’s Generation, Kangta, fx and BoA performed. These idols are already ruling on Asian people’s hearts and now marked their popularity in America also.

Renowned singer Kangta told media in press conference before concert, “We would like to have this opportunity, if there was any a wall between the West and East, to take this opportunity to squash this wall” On behalf of all artists Kangta further added, “Hopefully we could be much more famous in the United States, as well as all the other Western countries.” TVXQ leader YunHo also shared, “We’re simply very flattered to have so many fans around the world, not just us, but all the members of SM Town. They really appreciate all the fans.”

The most striking thing was singers sung song in Korean which was not the American language but still fans support them and chanted the lines with them. but yet there where some english songs too, Girl’s Generation and BoA, who have sung songs in English, performed their English songs BoA performed her famous song ‘I did it for Love‘ with Shinee’s Key, originally sung by BoA & Sean Garrett and Girl’s Generation there recent released song ‘The Boys‘.

There was a flood of K-pop fans at airport to welcome their Asian idols, fans from different cities, different provinces and even from different countries headed to New York. According to news paper the K-pop fans’ crowd at Madison was larger than Bieber‘s. MTV vice president Peter Griffin said after seeing the crowd outside the studio, “I haven’t seen this in years. It reminds me of when ‘N Sync was here and the fans lined up around the studio”

This is surly just a start of ‘Hallyu Wave‘ bordering America, and accordingly it will go so far by K-pop’s amazing talents.

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