Jun 10, 2011

Updates: [Summary] episode 3 & 4 - City Hunter

Hey! hey! hey!, we back with summary episode 3 & 4 of our Bad Boy CITY HUNTER. The series become interesting in every new episode. So let see the recap for episode 3 & 4......kyaaaa

Episode 3 was mostly fast-paced action and execution, execution, execution! I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. In this episode he executes his plan! He starts a fire in the bathroom. All the people are fleeing and running out.Yoon Sung is now on the move, using a pen to hang on the ledge in order to pass by the security cameras unseen.He goes through the information he needs by taking pictures on his iphone and takes the shreds of paper that Shim Jae Dong (Bad guy in league with Target Number One) was trying to get rid of. Outside Nana is looking for Yoonsung.He taps her on the shoulder and she is angry thinking that he had fled for safety alone.Yoon Sung replies, “Hey I’m a guy and have to keep face, how could I go into the girl’s bathroom?”..hahaha i think it's sweet and funny.

The next scene showed YJ arguing with his supervisor again. YJ's team however receives a package from Yoon Sung, with all of the information that was gathered! (Funny how these two love triangle rivals are working on the same side).Target Number One is defending himself and it appears like the other Assembly members will vote whether he should be arrested or not.Yoon Sung and YJ are watching on as the vote is pretty much a tie. JP was also watching this scene from his mansion, and in anger he breaks a whiskey glass with his bare hands.

Yoon Sung obviously upset, began to think about the poor kids. YJ came out and just stood there staring at Target Number One. While Target Number One gloated and told YJ to find real criminals instead of upstanding citizens such as himself. Target Number One and Shim Jae Dong were talking about Yoon Sung, trying to remember if they had ever met before. Shim Jae Dong remembered Yoon Sung back when they had verbally argued.

There is a lot of romantic scene within Yoon Sung and Nana in this episode till almost the end of the episode it's time for Yoonn Sung to make a move towards target no.1. The celebratory event was held in order to congratulate Target Number One's publishing of a book. Target number one was talking to his grandson to ignore all of the things that people were saying on the news. The grandson was very mean to the other kids. The grandson even called the other kid a beggar! Target Number One was talking to the two children, he was asking about Yoon Sung and his whereabouts. Yoon Sung called in order to have a direct confrontation.Yoon Sung was caught but he began to piss off Target Number One. When asked who he was, he said that he was just a jobless dude who didn't like people that made little children starve. Yoon Sung also accused Targer Number One of being a crook! Target Number One got pissed off and basically began to go on about his crooked political philosophy. He said things on the line of "I should be using tax money in order to improve society because I know what is right" (Classic badguy talk) Yoon Sung's glasses were recording everything!.

Once Target Number One got back on stage, Yoon Sung's recording began to play. Yoon Sung had hacked into Korea's security system somehow and the clip was being played nationally on every computer. (A little farfetched but it was a crazy idea, and I like) The CEO ordered his bodyguard/go-to-guy to either get Target Number One out of the country or even kill him if necessary.While this was going on, Yoon Sung began his grand escape. While fighting through all of the baddies he fights a chef with a spoon! (Jason Bourne Style!).As Yoon Sung sees Target Number One escaping, he uses his bag against flags in order to slide down to the port.

Yoon Sung catches up to Target Number One, and he's about to be killed by the CEO's bodyguard! After he defeats the bodyguard and all of the baddies, he finally is face to face with Target Number One.Target Number One was sent to YJ in a box. Yoon Sung had contacted several news agencies making it known and seen by everyone.Target Number One also had a bunch of military tags around his neck (I guess the dog tags are being used as a kind of signal to bring out the other group of five members).

In this episode JP is scolding Yoon Sung. Yoon Sung doesn’t want to be involved with vengeance that calls/draws blood. Yoon Sung states, "If you were my real father, would you have wanted me to partake in this revenge that calls blood?.....I also want to rip apart these people that have ruined my life. If I kill them will their offspring let me be? This cycle will just continue on an on!” (Good point!) JP told Yoon Sung to stay out of his vengeance plan. As Yoon Sung is stubborn, they make a deal: If Yoon Sung finds the second target before JP kills him, Yoon Sung can do as he pleases. He then suggests that Yoon Sung go see his mother.
Yoon Sung’s mother is drinking Korean Sprite by herself. (Called cider in Korea) Yoon Sung approaches her and asks for ramen, without telling her who he is.Nana is there with her bodyguard partner and Dahae, the place is Nana’s favorite. (Hmm my coincidence meter is starting to go up) They notice that Yoon Sung is there and Dahae sits close to Yoon Sung asking to be tutored.Yoon Sung’s mother says, “You look young but you already have a PHD? Whoever your parents are, they must be very proud.” Yoon Sung suddenly decides to leave saying, “I’ve lost my appetite.”YJ enters a bar with his supervisor. Yoon Sung is there and a little drunk. The supervisor asks YJ to find the “City Hunter.” (Coincidental meter is going up even more! >_<).Nana arrives to take Yoon Sung home. She notices YJ and is surprised to see him.

Yoon Sung, “Yah, hurry up and come.” Nana, “I came right after I saw the text.” Yoon Sung, “Aish, You should've came faster.”In the car Nana scolds Yoon Sung saying do your parents know how you’re living in Korea, always club, girls, or bars. Yoon Sung tells Nana to just drive. She goes on and on saying that his parents probably sheltered him. Then she hits him where it hurts, “Do you talk like that to your mom? Why is the way you talk so mean?”Yoon Sung shouts at Nana, “I don’t have a mom to even talk mean to! I grew up without a mother and that’s why I’m like this!” He tells her to stop the car. Hahahah this time it's remind to gu jun pyo in Boys Over Flower.

JP’s right hand had narrowed down suspects of the Group of Five down to Seo Yong Hak. (Damn JP is dressed up all baller now) Seo Yong Hak is going to be a strong presidential candidate next year. JP states a few conditions, JP alone will have blood on his hands, and also everything must be kept secret.The bald guy can’t get any info from Target Number One because Target Number One is being transferred. During the transport of Target Number One, the driver is actually JP. Yoon Sung is outside probably waiting on the bald guy, but notices that the driver is actually JP. Yoon Sung begins to follow the transport bus.The other guard is thrown off and now Yoon Sung and JP begin thechase scene.Honestly I enjoyed the chase scene, it was pretty exciting and well thought-out.Yoon Sung gives up slowing down the bus, and he puts his car sideways on the road, standing on top of his car and they play chicken.

JP begins to question Target Number One. JP tells Target Number One that either he will tell him the rest of the Group of Five or his family will be killed. JP doesn't get much information because cop cars arrive, but he finds out that Seo Yong Hak is a member. (Target Number Two).Nana and her partner are with Target Number Two’s family for their anniversary. JP is also at the restaurant. Yoon Sung calls JP, and JP gives him a hint of sorts when he says that the music fits well with the wedding anniversary. Yoon Sung frantically calls Nana but she doesn’t pick up.JP was ready to assassinate Target Number Two, having set up his sniper rifle on a rooftop across the street. As Yoon Sung arrives at the building, it suddenly blacks out. Nana is helping out the people in the restaurant using a flashlight.JP uses this to aim at Nana’s head. Right when JP fires, somebody (probably Yoon Sung) comes in and rescues her. (Thank god they didn’t end this episode as a cliffhanger)...hahahah relief..

End off episode...see you next time

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