May 14, 2011

SM Entertainment adds one more date to “SM Town Live in Paris” concert

The past month has been a very exciting month for fans in Europe. SM Entertainment announced in mid-April that the very first Kpop and SM Town Live concert will be performing in Europe for the first time in Paris, France on June 10th at Le Zenith de Paris. European fans were so excited that the “SM Town Live in Paris” tickets were
sold out in 15 minutes after they were released to the public. All 6,000 seats were sold out.
However, fans in Europe began to protest and wanted SM Entertainment to add another date for “SM Town Live in Paris.” Le Zenith de Paris held only approximately 6,000 seats, leaving a big amount of fans in Europe ticketless and disappointed.
The protest, held on Sunday May 1st, attracted hundreds of fans who dances and sang at the Louvre. The protest caught the attention of both local and the Korean media. As a result, SM Entertainment announced their consideration to add another concert date.
After checking their artists’s schedules, it has been officially announced that SM Entertainment has added a second tour date to “SM Town Live In Paris” for June 11th at Le Zenith de Paris!
Fans in Europe are overjoyed of the news and have said, “I’m so happy I’m jumping in joy! It’s so great! Thank you to everyone. You are incredible! Thank you,” “Bravo! I love you!,” “A million thanks!” “It’s thanks to the flashmob and everyone’s hard work. They cracked when they saw us dance,” “Too bad I can’t go to either concert…I would have loved to go!!!”
According to the “concertkpop” Facebook page, where the Paris protest/flashmob was planned, “And it is indeed June 11th, 2011, still at Le Zenith de Paris, all of us have succeeded in obtaining the 2nd date for the first real Kpop concert in Europe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Special thanks to the Director of the Korean Culture center, without whom none of this would have been possible.”
“Prepare yourselves, the seats will be available…tomorrow…And also, do not buy from scalpers!!!!”
European Kpop fans can purchase their tickets for the June 11th “SM Town Live in Paris” at www.livenation.fr, www.fnac.com, or www.ticketnet.com
It has been reported also that the June 11th tickets will most likely be postponed. Organizers are attempting to find a way for all the fans to get their tickets to the 2nd concert and limit the amount of problems fans first had in the June 10th ticket sales.
It seems that European fans efforts to gain that 2nd concert date has proved to be very successful! Since the announcement of SM Entertainment’s entry into Europe with a Kpop concert, fans all over the world began to express their hopes of a Kpop concert in their own cities, such as Mexico. International Kpop fans began to express their wishes on social network websites such as Facebook and Twitter.
Meanwhile, SM Entertainment has revealed their plans to enter South America with an SM Town Concert.

Source: concertkpop and Newsen, koreaboo
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