Nov 20, 2010

High School Love Story (Anime) - Kaichou Wa Maid Sama

I watch this series in Animax Astro channel 715, then i'm falling in love with Usui takumi (his cool and hot dude even his just a cartoon). After that i'm going crazy bout this anime i search for the manga, its really a cool romantic comedy. KWMS make me falling in love with shoujo type manga. Before this i only read some type of shounen manga but this time i cant resist the romantic feeling in shoujo manga.

This is a best shoujo manga/anime ever for me.The series start with really awesome cool and romantic scene. Hate to said that i really want to go back to be a high school student >_<

some info for KWMS ...let's review

Maid Sama!, known in Japan as Kaichō wa Maid-sama! (会長はメイド様!, lit. The Student Council President is a Maid!) is a shōjo manga series by Hiro Fujiwara. It is currently serialized in Hakusensha's monthly shōjo manga magazine, LaLa. There are currently 11 published volumes under the Hana to Yume Comics imprint in Japan. In their Anime Expo 2008 panel, North American publisher Tokyopop announced its various newly licensed series and that Kaichō wa Maid-sama! would be titled Maid-sama!. An anime adaptation began airing on April 1, 2010.

The October 2009 issue of LaLa announced that a 26 episodes television anime adaptation of the series would be produced. It was broadcasted in TBS and BS-TBS during Spring 2010. The April 2010 issue of LaLa revealed the broadcast date to be on April 1, 2010 at 1:55 midnight. The staff list was announced and Hiroaki Sakurai directed the series with series composition done by Mamiko Ikeda who previous worked in the series composition for Emma: A Victorian Romance series while the animation character designs by Yuki Imoto and music composed by Tōru Motoyama. The series was animated by J.C.Staff who previously worked on Honey and Clover, Toradora! and Nodame Cantabile. Ayumi Fujimura and Nobuhiko Okamoto took on the role of Misaki Ayuzawa and Takumi Usui respectively.

Plot of the story

Seika High School, once an all-boys school notorious for its wild students and for generally being a terrifying place for girls, has recently become a co-ed school. With the female population still a minority and living in fear of the over-the-top antics of the males, Misaki Ayuzawa takes it into her own hands to reform the school and allow the girls to feel safe in the rough environment.
Training, studying and even becoming the first female student council president of the school, Misaki has gained a reputation among the male students body as an uptight boy-hating dictator and as a shining hope for the teachers and fellow female students. However, despite her tough-as-nails appearance, she secretly works part-time at a maid cafe in order to support her family.

Unfortunately, her hard-earned reputation is threatened when the popular, attractive, and somewhat impassive Usui Takumi takes an interest in her after discovering her in a maid uniform after school.
Afterwards he start to rescue her and she slowly start to have feelings for him. Both of them attracted with each other. But misaki try to avoid this 'fall in love' feeling. On usui said his persistance on trying to catch misaki heart make us falling in love with him deeper.

Main Character


Age: 17 years old
Class: 2-2
Date Of Birth: April 27th
Height: 186 cm
Weight: Forget
Blood type: O
Special Skill: Everything he does.
Favorite Thing: Observation

One of the most popular boys at Seika High, Usui appears to take little interest in anything and prefers to observe things as they unfold, though proves to be extraordinarily talented in numerous areas. He develops an interest in Misaki and is the first to learn she is working at a maid café, but chooses to keep her secret and soon falls in love with her.
While she dismisses his behavior simply as harassment, he continues to watch over and protect her, as well as offering insightful advice on how to deal with the boys at Seika effectively and fairly. He appears to be the only male student at school that Misaki is willing to speak to as an equal. Little is known about Usui’s background and he is reluctant to speak about it, though he reveals a willingness to tell Misaki. He has an older brother and lives alone in an apartment. He's a pro in cooking, chess, violin, volleyball, and pretty much anything he does.


Age: 16
Class: 2-1
Date of Birth: September 29th
Height: 165 cm
Weight: 49 kg
Blood Type: B
Special Skill: Aikido
Favorite Thing: Trying hard

Misaki is the heroine of Kaichou wa Maid-sama!. She lives alone with her mother and her younger sister Suzuna, because her father abandoned them, leaving them with a huge debt. Because of her father's actions, she has a deep hatred for most boys (except the gentlemanly type).
She goes to Seika high school, which only recently became co-ed. It was an all-boy's school only a few years ago. Because of this, the student body is 80% male and 20% female. Misaki worked hard to become the student council president and "protect the girls." However, she has a secret. To help her mother pay off her father's debt, she has a part-time job... at a maid cafe! She doesn't want anyone at school to discover her, because she thinks that if they do, she will lose her authority as student council president. She is sixteen years old, and practices aikido (a form of martial arts/self-defense).
The manga is still ongoing, the story become more and more awesome, romantic and dramatic. I you wish to read the manga just click Here. The anime had a complete series hope its will be a season 2. Watch here.

Hope you'll enjoy with this series as i am. When you watch the anime and manga you will know why i really falling in love with this series and USUI TAKUMI. He really a cool and hot guy anime but after my mostly cool guy Kurosaki Ichigo. ENJOYSSS!!!!


  1. Yes, here goes our cool guy Usui again! :P

  2. I love this series too..usui and misaki are very cute couple :)

  3. Thank for ur comment. did u read the manga? you should read the latest CH 57...this couple awesome

  4. Nice blog....I also love this manga and I actually plan to join a cosplay and I wanted to try misaki's maid uniform..

  5. Thanks...wow its must been fun ^_^. misaki really cute. i think u will be a good in cosplaying...


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