May 26, 2011

'Newcomer' Detective in town! - Shinzanmono

Currently i'm watching this Jdrama called Shinzanmono. It's been airing in TBS last summer 2010. I like that guy Abe Hiroshi. He really a talented actor and no need to mention he really good looking. With a tall and well build body he really outstanding in this series. Even there is other young and cute actor like Mizobata Junpei and Mukai Osamu, he still outshine them.

Earlier this year, the popular drama series “Shinzanmono” came back with a special episode titled, “Akai Yubi (Shinzanmono) Kaga Kyouichiro Futatabi!”. Abe Hiroshi, who starred in series as “Kaga Kyoichiro“, will return for the ninth installment of the series, titled “Kirin no Tsubasa“. The book of the same name was published two month and has sold about 300,000 copies, so success at the box office will be expected.

Returning to the series is Mizobata Junpei as “Matsumiya Shuhei“, police department investigator, and Kuroki Meisa as “Aoyama Ami“, a magazine writer and Kaga’s cousin. Yamazaki Tsutomu, who appeared in “Akai Yubi”, will return as “Kaga Takamasa” (Kyoichiro’s father), and Tanaka Lena is also returning as “Kanamori Tokiko”, his nurse.

Doi Nobuhiro will be directing the movie, which is tentaively titled, “Kirin no Tsubasa: Gekijoban Shinzanmono“. Doi said that the movie is a super mystery, and wants to show people how Dectetive Kaga can help people who have been hurt. He would like to draw the story into the theme of “family bonds”, making the movie a “tear jerker” mystery.
Filming for the movie started this month on May 12th and will finish this summer in July. It is slated for a January 2012 release. It’s also been revealed that royalties from the book will be donated to the disaster areas affected by the earthquake in March.

What the story about?
Police detective Kaga Kyouichirou had been working mostly in Nerima ward, but a transfer to Nihonbashi, Ningyouchou makes him the titularShinzanmono ("Newcomer") in town. And his first big case also concerns a newcomer in Ningyouchou: the murder of Mitsui Mineko, a divorced translator, who was strangled in her own apartment. She had only come to live in Ningyouchou just recently, so who would have any reason to kill her? It is up to Kaga Kyouichirou to investigate what lies behind the Mitsui murder.

You know when in a mystery story everyone seems to have something to hide? And that the detective seems be forced to chase after countless of red herrings before he finally reaches the truth? This series actually turns this idea around and makes it the focus of the story. Every episode focuses on a different suspect who lies to the police. Some might be hiding a terrible family secret. Some might be lying to keep up appearances to their family. Some lie to protect their family. Like Kaga says: people lie to protect themselves, to deceive others or to protect others.

I hope i can finish it soon. Even its only 10 episode but since im busy i need to restrain my time to watch this drama. Care to join me? here is the link Shinzanmono - Drama. Please enjoy....

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