Jun 4, 2011

The world that they live in - World Within

Today it's just another day for me, but i stumble with the weird situation which immediately remind me about this drama i watched it several year before. "The world that they live in" or "World within" hahah and here i just take a time to make a preview about this drama. Actually this drama was re-aired in KBS World just recently.

"Worlds Within", it is a 16 episodes KBS2 aired in 2008. Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo, 2 of my favourite Korean actors! Song Hye-kyo work with PD Pyo Min-soo again, their last collaboration was “Full House”.In this drama, she played Joo Joon-young, who is direct and confident; she showed viewers the matured attractiveness/charm of a career woman. Also a comeback from Hyun bin after 2 years since his last appearance in drama "Snow Queen"

This drama showed about "What is life behind the scene?" and so on. It is about the process of a television drama production. Jung Ji-oh is a charismatic drama PD, while Joo Joon-young is a PD who is direct and confident. They had a past relationship way back in their college days, which lead to complicated break ups due to their separate affairs with other people. After finally breaking up with their previous affairs, they decided to get back together and start a relationship. Joon-young is a daughter from a rich family; she has problems regarding her mom (who lives a luxurious lifestyle, gambling and affairs with other men), which made her become too cold and reserve when it comes to expressing her feelings. These problems lead to her filming of cold and unexpressive dramas. Ji-oh on the other hand, is a son from a poor family of farmers and has a hard time dealing with his dad's temper and loves his mom dearly. When the two get back together, they both learned from each other and eventually, Joon Young became more expressive, warm and understanding (as opposed to her short-tempered and inconsiderate behavior before), but Joon Young's mother didn't much approve of Ji-oh, since he is only a lowly person and director. Ji-oh's pride was deeply wounded by the impression Joon Young's mom gave to him, so he decided to break up with Joon Young. Joon Young was deeply hurt and doesn't even know the reason of their break-up, Ji-oh is very mean into pushing her away, but deep inside he still loves her, he was just bothered by their differences in wealth, values and characterisitics. Many problem arises between the couple which tests their love for each other. Ji-oh even suffered an eye disease which lead to an operation and him, not being able to film everyday. But at the end, both Ji-Oh and Joon-Young got back together as a couple and also directed a show.

Competition in the station arises, when Song Gyu ho, an ill-mannered sadistic director took over some dramas and left workers overworked. However, his attitude isn't a problem at the station since he always make high ratings in his dramas. He casted a stalker-ish new actress, Seo Hyo rim, who eventually fell in love with him. The two fell for each other, however, they had to be separated since Gyu ho's father is running as a President in the future elections, so as to protect his name, the two was forced to break-up. Hyo rim then became a good actress and soon had many dating issues with her co-stars, while Gyu ho was just watching from afar, sad and wounded. In the end, the two got back together and decided to tie the knot.

The drama basically shows the real life when it comes into making a drama, the actors' experiences and situations, as well as the directors and staffs hardships in order to create their dramas, with a twist of budding romance from each of the cast.

In some way this drama is just like other Kdrama, only you we're showed how the production and crew make their living to bring you (an audience) a good drama. But it's really sad since this drama didn't get a good rating. For me this drama too cliche and do not had any originality of stories also its beyond reality in the life of Production house crew/staff

By the way for Hyun Bin fan don't worry he still the best and can bring his character well. He really look like a bad temper PD in this drama >_<. So here is the link for those wish to get a preview for this series...World Within - Drama

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