Jan 27, 2011

The most expensive Korean Drama - Athena Goddess of War

To whom like watching an action drama with the most cool and handsome Korean special agent and spy ^_^ , i highly recommend this new SBS drama that now airing at SOne HD Astro 393 every Wednesday and Thursday 9.00pm.As a fan Super Junior and big fan to member's Choi siwon, i can't miss this drama. Even because of Choi siwon i watched it but now i really falling in love with the main lead actor Jung Woo Sung the most macho and handsome Korean male actor. You should watch if you want to know why this guy so irresistible handsome >_< no word can describe it.
This story is more like 'James Bond' style korean version, with 17 million USD budget they filming this drama at all over the world like Italy, Switzerland, Singapore, Japan, Honolulu, china and New Zealand. Of course the scenery is fabulous and beautiful combine with the handsome and pretty korean star running all over the town.

Enough with my unnecessary comment let me take you to some preview for this drama.......


The story begins around the same time as IRIS, when Hyun-Jun is being hunted down by North Korean agents and branded a traitor while in Budapest. South Korean (SK) President, Jo Myeong-Ho, had expressed interest in nuclear arms and technology to lead the world in developing the most advanced and cost effective energy source of the century, something everyone else covets.
To do this, he needed to retrieve a defecting North Korean scientist, Dr. Kim, back safely to South Korea without letting North Korea (NK) know. To achieve this task, he employed black ops agent, Dr. Kwon, to help him recover Dr. Kim. Dr. Kwon accepted the mission and had his personal black-ops team recover Dr. Kim, only to be thwarted by a rival US intelligence group lead by Son Hyeok. Ultimately, Dr. Kwon managed to secure Dr. Kim's retrieval, but he was caught himself by Son Hyeok and tortured for information. Son Hyeok was supposed to kill Dr. Kwon, but he let him live out of momentary mercy. Three years after those events, SK President Jo recruited a reluctant Dr. Kwon to serve as the director of the new counter-terrorism task force, NTS (National Anti-Terror Service), to protect SK's future from aggressive foreign enemies trying to steal Dr. Kim's nuclear technology.
After Dr. Kwon arrived to be part of NTS, his old rivial, Son Hyeok has returned to SK as the new director of DIS (a US intelligence agency). At the same time, SK NIS (National Intelligence Security) agent Jung-Woo (Jung Woo-Sung) recently transferred to NTS to become their top agent. Unknown to everyone, Son Hyeok is a double-agent, who is actually part of a covert group of agents that work for influential men that controls the world's energy resources, Athena. They want to control all forms of resources for great wealth, but SK's nuclear development threatens their fortunes. With the help of Athena double-agent, Yoon Hye-in, she infiltrates NTS and supplies Son Hyeok with inside information about their activities while also emotionally manipulating agent Jung-Woo's affections to play in her favor.
One day, Jung-Woo is given the order to travel to Italy to track terrorists from North Korea. Jung-Woo goes to Italy with Ki-Soo (Kim Min-Jong). Ki-Soo is a former North Korean agent who has defected to South Korea. Ki-Soo's specialty is information on the European region. Up until now, Ki-Soo was one of the North Korean defectors that Jung-Woo had to monitor.While in Italy, Soo-Young (Lee Bo-Young), the daughter of the South Korean President Jo Myeong-Ho (Lee Jeong-Kil), is kidnapped by terrorists. To solve the case the Korean government sends additional NTS agents including Jae-Hee (Lee Ji-A) to Italy. The NTS agents are able to negotiate with the terrorists, but during their negotiations Hye-In (Su-Ae) suddenly appears. Jung-Woo and the other agents are surprised. Hye-In works as a guide at the exhibition hall in the NIS building. Jung-Woo has always held strong feelings towards Hye-In, but he has never expressed his feelings towards her. Following Hye-In, Son-Hyuk (Cha Seung-Won), the chief of the East Asia branch of Department of Homeland Security in the U.S., suddenly appears as well. The NTS agents are mystified by their appearance.

Jung-Woo learns that there is a secret "solutions" group within the NTS whose sole responsibility is to solve problems that others agencies can not. More surprisingly, Hye-In is part of that group.
Other mysterious cases start to occur and Jung-Woo's intuition leads him to believe that there is unfathomable conspiracy occurring to rearrange the power structure of the entire world. That conspiracy is led by Athena.
What is the real identity of Athena and what does Hye-In and Son-Hyuk hide in their NTS "solutions" group?

A special agent with South Korean intelligence under the NTS (National Anti-Terror Service), Lee Jung-woo was described to be as intelligent and adaptable as the protagonist of his predecessor's series, but with the suave of James Bond. Lee Jung-woo was once an agent with the National Intelligence Service prior to being transferred to the NTS.
The lead operative of an international terrorist organization known as Athena, Son Hyeok once worked for the CIA and is now the head of the East Asian branch of the DIS—the fictional equivalent of the United States Department of Homeland Security. By utilizing his position in the intelligence community, he is able to ensure that many of Athena's operations go unhindered as potential threats are preempted and neutralized.
At the onset, Yoon Hye-in is seen working closely with Son Hyeok in a number of Athena's operations while doubling as a low-level employee at the NIS. By night, she continues her duties as a member of Athena.
Han Jae-hui once worked with the European branch of the NTS as well as being involved in a relationship with Jung-woo. After departing from service abroad, she continued working intelligence in both the NIS and NTS.
The son of a prominent North Korean political figure, Kim Gi-soo learned numerous languages and studied abroad for a number of years. He subsequently served under North Korea's elite black ops agency, Section 35, but later fled his home country and into the hands of South Korean officials. He grows close with Lee Jung-woo, befriending him and becoming one of his closest allies and partners. Despite his past, Kim Gi-soo is free-spirited and lacks the combat proficiency of his colleagues.
A data analyst agent working for the NTS, Kim Jun-ho looks up to Lee Jung-woo as a role model and, although he begins as a green agent, aspires to become an elite spy.

This drama contain 20 episode and it's already up to episode 13 now..so you can watch the series here....
Athena Goddess of War - Drama

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  1. I've watched 1st half episode. I dont like it, thus I stopped watching it. I feel it's very "messy"! :P But the actor Jung Woo-sung has series injured while shooting this drama few days ago,the news said the story is required to be amended and maybe the role is also needed to be changed.


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