Jul 11, 2011

Rain holds his final fan meet with Japanese fans before his enlistment

On July 9th, Rain held the “Lotte Rain Premium Concert 2011“, his last fan meeting before his enlistment.

Over 1,000 Japanese fans flocked from Tokyo, Osaka, and Fukuoka to show up for the event. MBLAQopened up the concert with a congratulatory stage before Rain emerged, greeting the audience in Japanese with, “Are you all well? This is Rain.”

Rain began, “It’s my fourth year this year modeling for Lotte Duty Free. I’m thankful for the experience since it has allowed me to become closer with my Japanese fans. I’m overjoyed at being able to be with you all one last time before my enlistment.”

The fan meet concert was comprised of an honest Q&A segment and a 30 minute talk show that featured stories from his Asian tour, recent whereabouts, and future plans. At the mention of his enlistment this year, fans were brought to tears at the thought of having to let their star go.

A high five event with each of the 1,000 fans concluded the fan meet. One fan from Tokyo said, “I personally came at the thought of this being the last time I’d ever see him before his enlistment. I’d like to thank the sponsors for this event.”

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