Jul 26, 2011

Super Junior SIWON Grandma Past away.

Super Junior’s Siwon reveals his feelings towards his beloved grandma

ELF are heartbroken upon hearing the news that Super Junior’s Siwon’s grandmother passed away on July 22 (Friday), the day they started their MV filming. Super Junior Siwon tweeted that day,

“break my heart. but i should stay strong.”,

leaving fans on twitter curious, before the bews broke that he is referring to his grandma’s sudden death.

ELF send their condolences and tweeted Siwon encouraging tweets such as “Oppa be strong, we are here for you,”, “Siwon oppa, she is now happy with our Lord.”

Siwon’s grandma’s wake today is attended by selected people and Siwon tweeted a very meaningful message for his grandma.

“To my grandmother-the most beautiful person in the world. I will live bearing the love that you taught me deep within my heart…”

“We will surely meet again.”

also uploaded this pic, showing how close he is to his late loving grandmother.

Source: Daily K Pop Newsposted by elf101586 (www.sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)

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