Jul 4, 2011

Most Enviable Back Hugs?! from Korean Idol

Unlike the usual hugs, there’s something about back hugs that just make them seem more special, intimate, and sweeter. Thus, a cuddly back hug is a popular scene that frequently pops up in various romantic comedies. Back hugs are intimate gestures that make love scenes more romantic. The male character usually surprises her with a back hug unexpectedly at the most crucial moment. On the other hand, there are also cases where the female character tenderly clings onto her boyfriend from behind. While there are slight variations, all back hugs seem so lovely!

Here is a collection of numerous back hugs that were featured in various dramas, movies, as well other occasions, by your favorite stars! Which one is your most envious back hug? ;)

Jung Yong Hwa & Seo Hyun in "We Got Married"

Victoria & Nichkhun's Back Hug Car Wash in "We Got Married"!

"Adam Couple" Jo Kwon & Ga In in "We Got Married"

Hyun Bin & Ha Ji Won in "Secret Garden"

Big Bang's Dae Sung & G-Dragon

Yunho & Jae Joong! ;)

Han Ye Seul & Go Soo in "Will It Snow for Christmas"

Gong Hyo Jin & Cha Sung Won in "The Greatest Love"

Hwang Jung Eum & Kim Jae Won in "Do You Hear My Heart"

Song Seung Hun & Lee Yeon Hee in "East of Eden"

Yoon Si Yoon & Shin Sae Kyung in "High Kick Through the Roof"

Super Junior's Kangin & Lee Teuk

B2ST's Hyun Seung & Doo Joon

Lee Min Ho & Park Min Young in "City Hunter"

2PM's Woo Young & Nichkhun

Lee Min Ho & Son Ye Jin in "Personal Taste"

Jang Nara & Choi Daniel in "Baby Faced Beauty"

Moon Geun Young & Chun Jung Myung in "Cinderella's Sister"

Rain & Han Ye Seul

UKISS's Dong Ho & Super Junior's Lee Teuk

CN BLUE's Jung Yong Hwa & a lucky fan!

So which one you like? but this more like shoujo manga scene ^_^


  1. Heya! Randomly stumbled across your blog... and liking it :DD V. nice post this is!

    You're right, there is something about the back hug that makes you feel a little extra gooey. May I please add that when I think of back hugs, I instantly think of Goong. Shin goon's back = LOVE xDD

  2. yeah u rite. i love that scene toooo. hahaha when i think of it it's seem funny ^_^


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