Dec 7, 2010

A cool Samurai dono!! - Samurai High School

Like i said that i love this guy Miura Haruma. This is another of his drama 'Samurai High School'. Even though this drama is not a heavy drama like bloody Monday but its amusing. In this drama Miura need to be 2 different type personalities. To be a coward student but a different person when he posses by a samurai spirit that turn out to be his ancestor spirit.
He play his role very well. a different between both personalities from a just normal high school student to a brave, mature and serious samurai dono he really good. Also he look really cool when he turn to be the Samurai and for this drama he train and build his body muscle to show the strongest and well build samurai. Lucky for the fan girls of miura ^_^.
But this drama is not a really good drama. The plot is too week. Its just enough to entertain you. Just take a look on the preview below:-

The Plot

Mochizuki Kotaro is a mild-mannered, unmanly high school student who is typically a mild, passive young man at home and school.

One day, he visits a library and meets the mysterious librarian Himiko, who recommends to him an ancient book about a heroic general from the Sengoku period 400 years ago. Kotaro notices that he has the same name and age as the general described in the book, and he experiences a flashback...
Kotaro later mentions the book to his father, who tells him that he may be the descendent of a powerful samurai. At that moment, Kotaro receives a message from his childhood friend Ai telling him that their classmate Nakamura Tsuyoshi is in trouble. He rushes to the scene but doesn't have the guts to help, until another flashback transforms him into a samurai. Then begin this unusual new hero, a samurai high school student, uses the samurai spirit of the commanders of the warring states period to overcome difficulties.

Its just another suggestion from me. Feel free to watch this series here:-

Samurai High School



  1. Because i like this actor i just watch all his drama.

  2. This is the guy from the movie 'Koizora'. I just finished watching the movie. I think he's cool.


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