Dec 13, 2010

Time for Club Activities! - Yukan Club (Japan Drama)

I find this drama while i'm searching for Akanishi Jin former member of Jpop Group KAT-TUN. I see him before in Gokusen 2 acting side by side with Kazuya Kamenashi (lead actor in Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge also member of KAT-TUN).
This drama also an adaptation from a manga 'Yukan Club' or the Leisure club. Its an old manga that publish somewhere 1982 to 2007 in several volume and edition. Its been brought to live action drama in 2007.
So its a shojo manga actually, a mystery, comedy, school of life and romance. I'm still not reading the manga yet. But the drama can be category okay. Its just for eye catching to the cute actor and actress especially Jin.
The story goes like this 6 student in the very prestige high end school for very-very rich people and they also come from rich and famous family. Actually they is the Student Council Body. They handsome, good looking, pretty, good in academy, also in sport. They got everything they want.
But because they good in everything and had everything they always got bored and do not had thing to do. So they start looking for some challenging and adventure activities. They start to form a club (actually the student council) that call Yukan club and helping other to solve the problem and became the detective. They even helping Police to solve the crime. Since that one of the member Miroku Shochikubai (Akanishi Jin) is the son to the Head of Police Commisioner.
So the story goes that all this 6 student find a new adventure and new thing and try to solve the problem together, like always its lot with the love of friendship in this drama. Forgot to mention in some of the episode there is a special appearance from Mike He (Taiwanese actor from drama Devil Beside You), i like him too. >_< .
For those that like to watch some simple and easy drama you can try this one. Its okay to fill your free time with this drama even its not really a good drama but still you can enjoy looking at the cute Akanishi Jin ^_^. I try to find the link but cannot find. It did has at Mangafox but only 1 chapter. So i don't think so that i will put the link here. Then just the drama link.
So here the link for the Drama ...Feel free to click it:-

Yukan Club - Drama

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