Dec 1, 2010

A Girl? and she's a Knight!!! - Hana No Kishi (Manga)

This is the manga that I've been reading now. Its an interesting manga series. First off, this is a shoujo manga and it much be treated as such. Means kick ass protagonist, obvious plot line, simplicity, conspiracy, drama over drama, tragedy, love triangle and a romantic note with an equally obvious pairing! if you are not into shoujo type manga you most probably wont enjoy this manga.

when i first read this manga i really thought this Ran kurano is a cool and hot guy. She had a strong build, tall, dark hair and always act cool doing her duty as next Otori heir Sei sama bodyguard.

Ever since the day Ran's older brother was killed while protecting Sei sama, she dedicated her skills and life to one day become the 1st knight of the next head of the Ohtori family, even concealing the fact that she's a women forever. For generation the Kurano family has served the Ohtori family as their 1st knight, but 11 other lower knight with ill intentions of using the Ohtori family authority vie for that title. Not only that, but sei sama is being tested for being suitable for the title of head of the family. Upon entering Saint Locks Academy, the days of both Ran and Sei's trials begin.

Ran always distance herself from other people and really dedicated her life to sei sama, but everything change when she meet with tennou Ibara, a carefree guy and always acting as he please and he is a sei sama fiance. Ran doesn't like ibara sama way of life and she always to protective to sei sama. By the chance ibara sama knows Ran big secret that She is a girl.

The story goes that Ran had so many rival that want to take her position as sei sama 1st knight that wearing a black glove. From time to time there always a duel invitation for Ran from 11 other lower rank white glove knight, that make ibara sama irritated and angry as Ran always be in danger. But their relationship is deeper and deeper. Both of them aware about their own feeling but dare not to show to each other.

I really like Ibara sama character and he's my type shojo guy character. ^_^. This series is ongoing its up till Vol 3 Ch 17 at mangareader. its 1 of from my favorite shoujo manga now.

Below is the link for those wish to read this manga:-

Manga - Hana No Kishi


  1. Is Ran Kurano a guy and then turns into girl or she is a girl actually? Sounds interesting! :P

  2. This Ran kurano is a girl. but she need to disguise as a guy to became Sei sama 1st knight. yeah this series became more and more interesting in every ch. you should read it.


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