Dec 11, 2010

Grudge!! Revenge!! to own Family - Bad Guy (Korean Drama)

I just watch this series recently because i read this drama a draw some scandal or controversy but i don't really know what the controversy is it. As it say got something to do with the contact with NHK (japan broadcast).
For me this drama i rate it as heavy drama. Too much drama, hatred, complicated and scandal. So for me its in okay category you still can enjoy this drama because the actor and actress quite interesting.
The drama is about the man who want to take revenge towards the family that he think had humiliate him.
Gun Wook the guy that plots revenge against the Haeshin Group, a large corporaion to whom Tea Sung is the heir. During his childhood days, Gun Wook is mistaken as the successor to Haeshin Group who abandoned as a baby and starts living the life of his dreams after the family takes him in from an orphange. But a DNA test soon reveals he was lying and is heartlessly kicked out of the house.
He who then grows up to be a all around attractive man, good looking with great athletic and liguistic skills. He sets up an elaborate plan through which he approaches Haeshin Group's youngest daughter Hong Monet to recover the firm 'which was mine'. Tae-ra, Monet's older sister and the pillar of the Haeshin family, ignores and despises such a Gun Wook yet she starts to develop new emotions toward him the more she meets him.
Meanwhile, Jae In, who is beautiful and intelligent yet born into an average family, dreams of climbing the social ladder by betting her stakes on Tae sung the actual hidden son of Haeshin Group. Actually its quite mystery who actually a really the heir of Haeshin Group.

So you need to watch the drama if you want to know i don't want to spoil you ^_^. That guy play Gun Wook is actor Kim Nam Gill play his character very well. He really a good actor, very manly, charismatic and charming. The other guy that play Tae Sung is Kim Jae Wook he play in drama Coffee Prince before as one of the cafe crew and now he also play in drama Marry stayed out all night.

Kim Nam-gil, who plays the main character, Shim Geon Wook, is very popular in Korea recent days. He earned popularity in 2009 by playing Bi Dam's role in a Korean melodrama "Queen Seon-deok". He left to serve in the army in the middle of shooting this Korean melodrama.
Jane (Han Ga-in) is a strong woman, who dreams of being rich someday. She tries to allure the 2nd son of Hong family with whom Geon Wook is trying to revenge. Then she meets Geon Wook. Although both Jane and Geon Wook are seeing other people, they fall in love with each other.
Han Ga-in, who played a Jane role, is admired for her cute face. Although she is married, people still find her very attractive. Along with Kim Nam-gil's popularity, her fame made the Korean melodrama get more immediate attention.
The first daughter of the Hong family, Tera (Oh Yeon-soo), finds herself and speaks out her opinions as she meets Geon Wook. She deeply loves him and depends on him, but later she finds out that Geon Wook is actually her biological brother.
The Second daughter of Hong Family, Mone (Jeong So-min), falls in love with Geon Wook at first sight. However, she gets very upset when she realizes Geon Wook is only using her. This is Jeong So Min's first time acting in a Korean melodrama, and she successfully debuts in role.
The second son of Hong Family, Tae Seong (Kim Jae-wook), comes into Hong's family after Geon Wook was abandoned. He never feels secure or loved by the family. However, as he meets Jane, he really becomes to like her, but he lets Jane go upon his realization that Jane loves Geon Wook more than him.
Here i give the link for you to watch this complicated drama and hope you enjoy...

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