Dec 13, 2010

The Glorious of Basketball Team - Slam Dunk (Manga/Anime)

Slam Dunk is one of those classic of shounen sport manga/anime. Its became a legendary anime/manga that known all over the world. Slam Dunk is probably the best shounen sport manga ever published and the anime version is one of the best also even though the series has ended more than a decade ago, its still repeating airing in TV and many people will agree that this franchise has stood the test of time.
The story is simple but the execution is incredible, each chapter filled with humor, action, drama, comedy an whole lot more. The anime series was good and worthy of being considered a landmark anime, but you should watch the anime and read the manga to have full satisfaction.
This story follows a new high school delinquent Sakuragi Hanamichi. He always acting idiot and funny. A nice character ^_^. As Sakuragi is much taller around 6'2 or 6'3 then the average japanese male, he sticks out plus with his red hair does'nt help that at all. He is being constantly denied a girlfriend wherever he goes until he meets Haruko Akagi.(One sided love actually).
Haruko notice his height and asks if he plays basjetball in a cheerful manner. As Sakuragi agrees and attempts to impress her with a dunk (even he never played basketball) everything falss into place. The story's school rivalvries and drama were all there, i even found myself cheering on the Shohoku team.
All the main character is the best. Sakuragi with his comedic personality mixed along with his seriousness, each member bring something like Rukawa Kaeda the arrogant silent bishounen chicks drool over and the Ace of the team, Akagi the tallest and giant of the team with height 6'6 also the team captain. There also Mitsui and Miyota as the main team member.
Rival teams also have aces up their sleeves that add to the cast. Like Akira Sendoh the genius at the sport with 6'3 height, he the outside team person that i like.
Overall its worth it to watch the anime or read the manga. Obviously i enjoyed this a lot, and i'm sure those who a fan of Shounen manga i already know about this series. The victories and losses give you satisfying feeling no doubt. Even its maybe hard to get used to the height of the character or the sport basketball entirely, but still you will really enjoyed it.
I hope i give you all a good impression about the series cause i like it very much that idiot Hanamichi >_<
Below is the link for you....There also got 4 movie of this anime.

Slam Dunk - Anime
Slam Dunk - Movie anime 1
Slam Dunk - Movie anime 2
Slam Dunk - Movie anime 3
Slam Dunk - Movie anime 4
Slam Dunk - Manga


  1. Slam Dunk is one of the best animes/mangas ever.

    While the comedy in it is incredibly hilarious, there are also so many poignant moments that truly tug at your tear ducts. The reality of sports competition can be such a heartbreaker!

    Will forever be in love with Sendoh Akira (and have Rukawa on the side as a toy boy, ahahahaha. And Fujima as a back-up, LOL.)

  2. looks like u adore sendoh but for me that red head guy hanamichi is the best. but sendoh is cool dowh ^_^


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