Jan 3, 2011

There must be a great guy behind Ms. President! - Daemul / Big Thing

>_< this actor is the reason i watch this series in 1st place. Kwon Sang woo played as a 'Gangster type' prosecutor Ha Do Ya, with his cool and handsome face make me can't miss a single episode of this series. i watch his acted in 'Stairway to Heaven' several years ago, for me he really a manly type korean actor like won bin. He much more handsome now and it seem he really enjoy his character in this series.
This story is about a single mother a former news announcer that became a The 1st Female President of South Korea.
Seo Hye Rim is a hot tempered women that just lost her husband in tragic incident left her with her only son. Soon became a widow she faced several obstacle to move on her life.
End up when she scold the president itself in her husband funeral make a big noise and she move back to her hometown and need to fulfill her community services. Then her friendship with Ha do Ya grow as well as her spirit to protect the town and make them a better place. With her pure heart, straight forward, brave and honest she make a place to be a president. A long the way she faces many obstacle like scandal with the handsome prosecutor Ha Do Ya ^_^.
You really enjoy while watching this drama, it has lot of comedy part that make you amuse with the character and sometime it's show the dirty side of political member that how far they can go to protect their 'chair' and name.
Actually this drama is base from the Manhwa (manga version Korea) series with the same title. It's quite a popular manga in korea. i think it's because Ha Do Ya character that make people love him so much >_<
I highly recommend this series. you're guaranteed satisfied ^_^.

So this series got 24 episode. If you miss to watch the early episode in SOne HD Astro 393 you can watch in this site:-

Daemul/Big thing - Drama

I hope you will enjoy this drama like i do.


  1. I like this drama very much, of course I like Ha Do-Ya very, very much! He's so damn COOL!!! :p
    Guess what, both the actor and the actress have won the Best Actor and Actress Awards for the KBS TV Awards 2010 on 31/12/2010. Congrats to both of them! :)


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