Jan 15, 2011

No other words that i can say - I'm Sorry, I Love You

I watched this drama recently. Manage to finished it yesterday. So here i now writing about this very sad drama. A tragedy and a had very sad ending but it's worth it to cried over because of it. Even i don't really like sad story but i just can't stop half way so with a box of tissue i watch till the end.

This is 2nd drama i watch this guy So Ji Sub (as Cha Moo Hyuk) before this i watched him in Memory In Bali. In both drama he died. I like his acting, full with emotion and he always look cool and handsome in his own way. But don't no why he always act in sad/tragedy drama.
It's broadcast on 2004, had won several awards, 8 awards from KBS Drama Awards 2004, 32nd Korean Broadcasting awards 2005 as best picture awards and 41st Baeksang Awards 2005 for Best Actor in a TV Drama (So Ji Sub).
This drama is about Cha Moo Hyuk, is a small time scam-artist working the streets of Australia. He was abandoned by his parents as a kid and his foster parents brought him to Australia. Unfortunately, he was mistreated by his foster parents and thus roams the street, cheating tourists out of their money when they are lost. It is through one of these scams that he bumps into Song Eun Chae (Im Su-Jeong). She is the fashion co-ordinator and chilhood friends of the famous Korean singer Choi Yoon (Jung Kyung ho). She see Choi Yoon as her life's focal point and does everything she can to please him. When Choi Yoon visit melbourne, to do a photoshoot with another famous Korean actress Kang Min Joo, who also happens to be a good friends with Eun Chae. Choi Yoon had a crush with Kang Min Joo, that broke Eun Chae's heart. One day, Eun Chae's luggage and money are stolen by the same band of vagrant criminals as Moo Hyuk.
Left alone by Brother Yune, tired, hungry and helpless, she wanders the streets aimlessly until she bumps into Moo Hyuk who, moved by her plight, helps her in a heroic action scene. When some gangsters threaten her, she is forced to spend a night with him outside on the docks. The next morning, she awakes to find her luggage and money right in front of her. Moo Hyuk managed to find the stuff stolen by his gang and return it all to Eun Chae, and with her stuff, she's happily on a plane back to Korea, when she bumps into Min Joo and Choi Yune, who are now a couple. Several weeks later, Moo Hyuk receives an invitation for his ex-girlfriend's wedding. At the wedding, Moo Hyuk is accidentally shot twice in the head when someone attempts an assassination bid on his ex-girlfriend's husband. The doctor saves him but only can remove one bullet. The remaining bullet in lodged too deeply within his head such that it cannot be surgically removed. It's killing him, and he has no longer than a year to live. Moo Hyuk is dying and his ex-girlfriend now married. He's a roaming gangster and his life, an utter mess. Guilt-stricken, his ex-girlfriend gives him a huge stash of cash and tells him to go back to his native Korea to find his birth parents. He does so, and finds out that his mother is none other than the famous Korean actress, Oh Deul Hee. She has a son, Choi Yune and both mother and son are adored by the Korean people as they portray a loving relationship and are immensely popular.
Moo Hyuk is heartbroken when he even manages to enter the house of Oh Deul Hee, and sees the portrait of Choi Yune and her son. He bumps into his birth mother for the very first time in his life, but can't help but feel so betrayed because she is doing so well in life, whilst he is merely living out the remainder of whatever little time he has left.
Feeling angry and full of rage, he vows revenge upon the mother and son. He starts by getting close to Choi Yune, eventually making it to become his manager. Bit by bit, he plots to bring Choi Yune and his mother down, but never expects himself to fall slowly in love with Song Eun Chae, the girl he helped in Australia. Eventually, Choi Yune is struck in a car accident and he will die without a heart transplant. Suddenly, Moo Hyuk is stuck with the decision of saving his brother, or selfishly bringing them down.
Eventually Cha Moo Hyuk finds out the truth that his mother actually did not abandon him. His mother had an affair with a married man. Eun Chae's father (Oh Deul Hee's chauffeur) was the one who abandoned Cha Moo Hyuk as soon as he was born and told his mother that her child had died. Eun Chae's father did this because thought he was "saving" Oh Deul Hee's reputation because if the Korean society were to find out about her affair then she would be treated as a disgrace. Oh Deul Hee adopted Choi Yune in memory of Cha Moo Hyuk, still believing he is dead

Once finding out this out, Eun Chae's father admits to the truth, and tells him that he is willing to accept any punishment. Cha Moo Hyuk shouts at him, restraining himself from strangling him. He tell Eun Chae's father that one day he will receive one.

Cha Moo Hyuk dies after a dramatic motorcycle-riding scene. Before his death he calls Song Eun Chae and tells her, "I'm Sorry. I love you." His heart is given to Chae Yune, who makes a full recovery. One year later, a heartbroken Song Eun Chae goes to Melbourne, Australia, and then wanders through the same neighborhoods where she and Moo Hyuk first met, and finally arriving at his grave, lies down on the ground next to his plot and appears to sleep peacefully, despite her crying. She dies there next to a small red bottle, leading the viewer to believe she committed suicide. This is the apparent punishment that Eun Chae's father receives - the death of his own daughter.

Oh i think i wrote it to long..(absolutely spoiler) since i just watched it still fresh in my mind. The sadness of the story make me really pity with the fate of Moo Hyuk. Let's me share with you this drama..please cry along with me...
I'm Sorry, I Love You - Drama


  1. I have watched this drama in many years back. It is a tragedy story, thus I don't quite like it. The girl is cute in the drama. U know, she is also the lead actress in the movie with Rain as a robot in years ago.

  2. oh that movie..i didn't watch it but i know about it a bit. This drama really sad and irritating. it's so so tragic. actually i don't really like the lead actress dunno why.

  3. i love u do match


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