Mar 9, 2011

DBSK vs JYJ !! why? talk about the breakup

Why? they never spoke about the breakup before this. It's a 1st time Yunho and changmin talking about this matter. DBSK vs JYJ!!! This happen in one of the episode in Golden Fishery host by Kang Hodong.
Kang Hodong started out strong by asking DBSK if “Keep Your Head Down” was a message to JYJ. Yunho replied that “Honestly that was not our intention.” He went on to explain that if many of DBSK’s songs were played now (with just them two together) it might appear like a “diss” song.
Then Kang Hodong asked DBSK what their concern or problems were. (Golden Fishery’s concept is that Kang Ho Dong will solve their problems for them, that’s why he’s dressed up as a traditional Korean witch) Yunho replied “We would like more male fans but what should we do?” Changmin commented “It’s usually difficult for one guy to look at another and say that he’s cool, we want to be a group that could also be respected by guys.” Yunho said “I think Changmin is better at talking than me.”
Then Yunho talked about how he became a member of DBSK. (His parents were against the idea, and he also had a difficult time) On the other hand, Changmin got picked up while he was playing badminton. Changmin’s mother was intrigued because she would be able to see Boa (^_^) but his father was against the idea. Changmin and his mother went to the audition without telling his father, and easily got accepted.
After that Yunho talked about the various part time jobs that he had, during the early hours he would do snow cleaning work and at night he would work at a barbecue restaurant. All while he was still practicing to become a singer. (Damn!) Changmin’s only part-time job was cleaning his father’s shoes. Yunho then talked about how he slept at parks and subway station (T_T).

Yunho and Changmin briefly talked about how scary fans can be. They explained that they would get prank calls and if they changed their numbers in about five minutes a text would arrive saying “Oh, looks like you changed your number?” Then they would change the number again, and a text arrived saying “I don’t like it how you keep on changing your number.”
Then the subject was on DBSK breaking apart. First, on July 31st, 2009 three DBSK members began their lawsuit to leave DBSK. Kang Hodong asked Yunho and Changmin what they felt at the moment. Yunho said that “Both Changmin and I didn’t know what was going on when the lawsuit began, when we heard the news we thought it was regrettable.” (Regrettable in the sense that the event was a pity and unfortunate) Yunho’s personal thoughts on the issue were “At a young age we were very successful and everyone got caught up in the fame and popularity and that is probably why we have got to this point now, and it hurts my heart deeply.” Yunho said that a lawsuit is an extreme method, and as they were once a part of a group together, he felt hurt.

Kang Hodong asked what was most difficult throughout DBSK’s breakup. Yunho explained that it was ok for fans to call him and Changmin betrayers, but the worst was when their families were being targeted for hateful messages.

Then Kang Hodong asked about their final performance (NHK in 2009) as DBSK with all five members. At the time Changmin thought that it was upsetting because this stage should have been something fun, but he had to perform with sad thoughts. Yunho confessed that he tried harder because he didn’t want to reveal his sadness, and also felt uncomfortable performing on NHK.

Kang Hodong asked about DBSK’s long gap before coming back with “Why?” Yunho explained that it was more difficult because DBSK had to maintain their image with only two members when the other three were also very talented. Kang Hodong briefly talked about “Why?” and its success. Yunho said that “I really wanted to say thank you to the fans that waited for us.”

Then it was time for the solution to DBSK’s problem (How could they get more male fans?) Yoo Sae Yoon screamed “All you have to do is go to the military!”

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