Mar 20, 2011

Did u had your own butler? - Mei-chan No Shitsuji

Let me introduce another Japaneses drama that i watched before. I know this series is manga adaptation but i yet to read the manga, so i think maybe i should start with the drama 1st. I 'google' about the drama and find it the manga maybe better than manga (like always). So! okay, when I first read the description I didn’t think much of it…but this show quite ok, first off you have wonderful Hiro to look at, he plays the butler, Rihito and he also played in Tokyo Dogs and Hana Kimi before…anyway i might say he's hot…The leading lady is cute and a bit chubby (for Japanese),…the storyline is easy to understand and interesting enough to keep you watching…It is only 10 episodes and the ending doesn’t leave you hanging but is open enough for a second season…I guess i enjoyed watch this show, you have the typically love triangle/square, there can only be one type of thing that Japanese dramas are known for but overall I don’t think you will be too disappointed when it's not up to your expectation.

This story is about a girl called Mei-chan who’s parents died in a car accident, she thinks she lost everything she had when suddenly she finds out that shes a granddaughter of a rich family and from that day on she will be attending an all girl school in which every single girl has their own butler. Because shes about to inherit her family business she get bullied a lot and gets into lots of trouble but no matter what her butler is always beside her and protects her in every way he can. As the story goes on Mei-chans butler realizes that he has feelings for her and what about Mei-chan? you’ll have to watch it and find out yourself :)

Mei-chan no Shitsuji was awarded two prizes at the 60th Japanese Drama Academy Awards on April 22, 2009 as best drama and best supporting actor for Takeru Satoh.

The story teaches you how loyal the person that loves you can be and that you should never hate people who done bad to you as by hurting others eventually you’ll only hurt yourself. It shows determination and strong will power to change in order to protect others.

I think this is a must watch drama for people who are fans of Absolute boyfriend. Hope this help so enjoy..here is the link for online drama ......

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