Mar 5, 2011

Why does Siwon Stand in The Centre of Super Junior

On the 1st’s episode of Strong Heart, SS501′s Park Jungmin spoke up about the placement of members not only on stage but also during photoshoots.
Hearing this, Leeteuk spoke up and said, “Super Junior’s center is Choi Siwon.” He explained, “If Siwon stand in the center, it looks like all the other members are good looking as well. Once, Eunhyuk stood in the center and it really wasn’t good.”
However, he continued to say, “But since we have so many members, if you’re in the center for the album photos, you get placed at the fold, so it may not always be a good thing.”
Many other idol groups have specific standing positions – for example, SHINee always stands Onew-Taemin-Jonghyun-Minho-Key. How does your idol group position themselves?
Actually i always wondering about this matter. Why always Siwon be in center or why Siwon always be a 1st singer? hahahah so i got the answer dowh..^_^

Source: Xports News
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