Mar 21, 2011

Spectacular blue sea in Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA

Super Junior(SJ) came to hold their concert again in Malaysia after the span of a year, and the 田-shaped stage which had received an upgrade allowed the fans to be at a closer distance with their idols; the passionate fans used the blue lightsticks in their hand, and covered the entire concert venue in a sea of sapphire blue, making the venue look grand. Even though the time where Heechul, who performed with an injury, would make an appearance on stage while wearing a mask throughout the entire concert, the fans would all scream their lungs out whenever he takes the stage; Kangin, whom enlisted into the army in July 2010 after being involved in a DUI incident, ‘returned’ to the group via a VCR instead, and ‘performed the violin’ along with the other 10 members. When the fans saw the ‘appearance’ of Kangin after a long time, they immediately screamed emotionally. No matter the audio-visual effects or the atmosphere, throughout the 180-minute “Super Show 3″, there was never a moment where the high-pitched, passionate screams would stop, and absolutely not a moment of silence!
“Super Show 3″, which was finally held in Malaysia, had the exact same performance content as the show in Taipei. Heechul, whose face was injured, did not impersonate Lady Gaga as expected, and show off the flirtatious dance that was anticipated by everyone. Wearing a face mask, the number of times he would appear on stage was very minuscule. During the opening, Donghae descended from the sky, and (Heechul) performed “Sorry Sorry” and “Super Girl” with the rest of the members decked in handsome white outfits. Later on, while performing “Don’t Don”, he transformed into a drummer, and stood on the elevated round stage in the center along with Henry, Zhou Mi and Jungmo, causing everyone to scream loudly for him once again. The entire venue would be drowned in deafening screams whenever he appears, and the sound waves would reach the highest decibel. It’s not an exaggeration if one would say that Heechul was the member who stood under the spotlight the most throughout the entire concert.
Eunhyuk has an early birthday celebration
While the concert was submerged in a joyful atmosphere, Siwon, whom is perceived as ‘the man with lots of love’ did not forget to make an appeal to all the fans, asking them lend a helping hand to the victims of the earthquake in Japan, and pray for the casualties of the incident. (Aside from that,) everyone also held an early celebration for Eunhyuk, whose birthday falls on April 4th, singing “Happy Birthday” at the top of their voices. Eunhyuk also posed with Henry, Donghae and Yesung*, showing a thumbs up to all the audience, thanking everyone for their passionate support for SJ.
Kyuhyun’s surprise attack, Eunhyuk was kicked
SJ, whom turned the entire stage into a huge playground, had lots of fun on stage and went crazy. They would occasionally hug one another, and would take selcas with the fans’ cameras at other times. **(While singing happily, Eunhyuk and Ryeowook slept on the stage, and was then joined by Leeteuk. Without warning, Sungmin threw himself onto the other three’s backs, and Shindong who wasn’t very light joined in later on, causing the audience to shout loudly.) The hilarious scenes of them goofing around brought an immense amount of laughter to the fans beneath the stage. Towards the end of the concert, the members appeared in vegetable costumes, and played with even less restriction. Kyuhyun made a surprise attack on Eunhyuk from behind, and kicked him to the ground. Eunhyuk, who donned a heavy vegetable costume, lost his balance and couldn’t push himself up at all. Kyuhyun stepped on him for several more times before helping him up. On the other hand, Leeteuk walked out on stage with a high ponytail on the top of his head, performing “Tok Tok Tok” which is very interesting alongside the other members, causing the boiling atmosphere to heat up even more. While performing “Way For You”, the members held a huge basket each, and distributed colourful balls to the fans all over the venue, and chaos ensued when the fans started snatching for the balls.
Added solo performances, showing off individual talents
Apart from the group performances, SJ also added solo performances during this time’s concert, and each ofthe members had their own solo or duet segments. First of all, Leeteuk performed Wang Lee Hom’s “Kiss Goodbye” while playing the piano, and later on Siwon sang the song “Looking For The Day” with deep feelings. One of SJ-M’s members Henry also performed Justin Bieber’s popular song “Baby Baby” in a quiescent piano and dynamic dance performance, leading the venue into another high. Ryeowook and Kyuhyun also followed in Leeteuk’s footsteps and showed off their Chinese language mastery, performing “One Fine Spring Day” and “New Endless Love” respectively. Another of SJ-M’s Chinese member Zhou Mi danced and sang to Elva Hsiao’s “Miss Chic”. Aside from playing the guitar as an accompaniment to Ryeowook earlier, Sungmin had a sexy dance performance with the female dancers. In addition, Eunhyuk (and Donghae) also performed a sexy dance number with a female dancer, and Yesung had a solo performance of “It Has To Be You”. Everyone having a “solo show” also became one of the focal points of the concert this time. When Yesung reached the chorus of his song, the fans beneath the stage all sang it with him at the top of their voices, causing him to be extremely touched.

Source: Sinchew-i
Translated by eternalsnow @ SJ-WORLD.NET

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  1. I can see from the pistures that it is huge, I´ve only seen a few like that in the world. Precisely, in Argentina. When I travelled there, I got an apartment rental in Buenos Aires near the River Plate stadium (soccer) which is super big. It is called "the monumental" in Spanish and the most important tournament and music concerts are held there. I don´t know if it can compare, but both are enormous!


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