Mar 30, 2011

‘I am a good boy’ Male celebrities ‘manner hands’

‘Manner-hand’ denotes the effort of male celebrities trying to reduce as much direct body contact as possible. Those male celebrities who try their best to not touch any part of the body, no matter how close they get, come into the spotlight of many female fans as ‘mannered man’. We’ve made a collection of these manner-handed stars. "Fast, but with manner" manner-hand stars in fierce situations
It is impossible to not make body contact when male and female stars perform a sexy dance. This is also true during games during shows, when male and female stars are put in one team. But, even during these fierce moments, manner-hand is still there.
Super Junior’s Kim Heechul (28) drew much attention with his manner hands during a game with Wonder Girls’ Sohee (19) on SBS ‘Family Outing2′ last year. Heechul holding onto Sohee’s legs with a towel on top while she was on his sholders, was captured. Heechul garnered attention with his thoughfulness for others during an intense game from the netizens.
*cut to only Heechul parts
Source: Sportsseoul.com
Translated by Jee (www.sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)

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