Jun 9, 2011

Check it Out Skip Beat Drama Trailer!!!

Girlsss...check it out this trailer for Skip Beat/Extravagant challenge drama...oh oh Choi siwon he such a damn Sexyhot guy and Donghae a cute bad boy, they just really my type ^_^ hahahha....really looking forward this drama hope they will finished filming soon.

So please seat properly girls before your watch this trailer >_<   .....


  1. I think the series is really following the manga series, seems interesting! But i think Shi Won is too young as Ren and he looks like the younger brother to the girl instead of more mature than her! :P

  2. hahha he look more cuter than that Ivy chen rite..yup cause he really younger than ivy, both of them siwon and Donghae are younger than female actress in this series.


T Drama - Extravagant Challenge / Skip Beat