Jun 9, 2011

Voice cast for new Pokémon movie includes Ishihara Satomi, Takahashi Hideki, and more!

The 14th Pokémon movie will open in Japan this summer, and today, the prominent guest line-up of voice actors for the special characters came together with a public recording at the Avaco Creative Studio in Tokyo.

The special voice cast is made up of Takahashi Hideki, Tanihara Shosuke, Ishihara Satomi,Yamadera Koichi, Nakagawa Shoko, and Daichi Mao.

The new movie will be released in two versions, “Pocket Monsters Best Wishes! The Movie: Victini and the Black Hero: Zekrom” and “[...] White Hero: Reshiram“. It is the first time in history that an anime is going to open in theaters in two different versions at the same day.

Both movies will be about Dread, the descendant of the People of the Earth, that once ruled over the land, who seeks revenge for the fall of his people with the help of the Sword of the Earth in the city of Eindoke, and our three heroes – Satoshi, Iris and Dent – who must stop him at all costs. However, similar to the video games,each movie will feature different Pokémon, many different scenes and lines, and different techniques used by the Pokémon.

Ishihara lent her voice to Carlita, the younger sister of Dread. She commented, “It’s a huge honor for me to participate in a Pokémon movie, since it’s such an immensely popular series worldwide. I received some strict coaching this time and learned a lot of new things.”

The mother of Carlita was voiced by Daichi, who never dubbed an anime before. She clearly enjoyed the new challenge, “I’m already having a certain affinity to my character who belongs to the People of the Earth (Daichi no Tami), since she has the same surname as me. It was a lot of fun playing the role of a mother with guts.”

For Takahashi, who voiced Zekrom, it was also the first time to work on an anime. He stated, “I was happy that I was able to challenge myself as a voice actor for the first time in my 40-year-long career as an actor. All the kids of my foreign friends are engrossed into Pokémon, so now I have something I can boast about.” Life-sized Pokémon characters were present during the special dubbing session for the press, and the veteran surprised everyone with his innocent remark, “Aren’t they cute! I want to take them home with me!”

The double-dose of Pokémon action will open in Japan on July 16th.

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