Jun 16, 2011

SBS Drama "Brilliant Legacy" Will Be Remade in Taiwanese version

I adore this guy since i watch him in "Meteor Garden" Jerry Yan as Dao Meng shi...he really awesome in that series. So now he back with another drama adaptation from SBS drama "Brilliant Legacy" an will play a same role with Lee Seung gi.

Let's read some of the news

SBS’s 2009 highly-rated drama “Brilliant Legacy” (or “Shining Inheritance”) gets a Chinese incarnation. The Han Hyo Joo – Lee Seung Gi starrer, an inspirational, Cinderella story about the reversal of fortunes, family and love, is confirmed to begin production with Jerry Yan in the leading role.

The Taiwanese actor will be joined by Chinese actress Yedda Chen, who will step into the role originated by Han Hyo Joo. Acting veteran Fang Fang will take on the pivotal role of the grandmother.

Early reports on the synopsis of the remake, to be called “My Brilliant Life” (translated title) will follow its source material closely, but with the main characters likely a little older given the actors’ ages. The remake was announced at the Shanghai Television Festival held earlier in the month, with the cast in attendance.

“My Brilliant Life” follows in the footsteps of Korean dramas being remade abroad. Most recently, ongoing production of “Ikemen Desu ka,” Japan’s adaptation of “You’re Beautiful,” also a 2009 drama from SBS has made the news.

via Sina.com, World Journal News


  1. I heard jerry is playing Tsuruga Ren from Skipbeat..Yep they're actually making a skipbeat taiwanese series..sweet..

  2. is not jerry they replace with Choi Siwon Kpop Idol to play as Tsuruga ren on skp beat.

  3. correction, this isn't a Taiwanese drama, it's a mainland drama, which you should have realized when you wrote it was announced at the Shanghai Television festival.


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