May 25, 2011

The fate of life - The Thorn Bird

Another melodrama from Kdrama. The series will ended soon in KBS world. I like the lead actor, watch him recently in Giant and Paradise ranch. He sooo good looking.

i pretty excited to follow this drama at the beginning. however after 5 episodes, i want to stop. I dont get the emotion in this drama. i mean the emotion doesn't suit to what just happen. The plot really mess and sometime unreasonable and too much unrealistic scene in this drama. But i keep watching (i take a long time to finished it).....till episode 9 and above the drama pump up the beat make me continue watched till the end.

The “thorn birds” of the title refers to Jung Eun’s character, who only brings out her best at the cost of great pain. A thorn bird is a mythical bird who searches for a thorn tree from the day it is born. When it finds it, the bird impales itself upon the sharpest thorn, and rises above the agony to sing the most beautiful song ever heard.

Title : The Thorn Birds / Thorn Tree Bird / The Thorn Bush Bird
Genre : Family, Romance
Episode : 20
Director : Kim Jong Chang (Rosy Life)

Jung Eun has been searching for her biological mother who had abandoned her since birth.
Jung Eun and Young Jo become close friends because they share the pain of growing up without a mother.
Jung Eun’s friend Yoo Kyung, however, is jealous of their relationship.

At the age of 25, Jung Eun works as a part-time actress while waiting for her mother to find her.
On the other hand, Yoo Kyung struggles for her debut as a film director and meets producer Young Jo.
Yoo Kyung seduces Young Jo after discovering that he is an heir to a conglomerate and then gets pregnant.
But when Young Jo gives up his family inheritance, she coldly cuts him off from her life.
When Yoo Kyung goes into labor and is carried to the hospital due to premature birth, she registers herself as “Jung Eun”. And when Yoo Kyung finally finds her biological mother, who is old, sick, and poor, she abandons both her mother and baby.
Jung Eun, who is desperate to have a family, takes Yoo Kyung’s baby in and visits Yoo Kyung’s mother Myung-Ja. And by doing so, Jung Eun changes her fate by pretending to be Myung-Ja’s daughter.

Main Cast
Han Hye Jin as Seo Jung Eun
Joo Sang Wook as Lee Young Jo
Kim Min Jung as Han Yoo Kyung
Seo Do Young as Choi Kang Woo
Jung Eun Byul as Seo Jin
Cha Hwa Yun as Lee Ae Rin
Kim Ha Eun as Yang Mi Ryun
Oh Hyun Kyung
Link to the drama..click here The Thorn Bird - Drama

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