May 17, 2011

Sato Koichi and Miura Haruma to star New drama series in July

Actors Sato Koichi and Miura Haruma will be starring in TV Asahi’s upcoming drama series in July. The currently untitled drama will be a continuation of the special drama “Saigo no Bansan ~Keiji Toono Kazuyuki to Shichinin no Yogisha~” (translation: “Last Dinner ~Detective Toono Kazuyuki and the Seven Suspects~”), which aired on May 14th and starred Sato.
The drama will start with detective Toono Kazuyuki (played by Sato) being transferred to a police academy as a teacher. Miura will play Miyata Eiji, a student at the academy who has led a smart life without having to face difficulties or failures. The drama will focus on the interactions between Toono and his young students, as well as an unsolved case from Toono’s detective days.
Sato, who play a teacher in a drama series for the first time, commented, “I want to create a teacher role that has not been seen before… I have a feeling the drama will be exciting to watch and full of many different factors, so I want to work hard in acting. (My) impression of Miura Haruma-kun’s generation is that they give a lot of thought to their life and their future, but how does Miura-kun himself live? It would be great if I could also find that out through filiming this drama.”
Miura commented, “I want to challenge (the drama) with all of my strength and work hard to keep up with Sato-san. I am hopeful that this work will be ‘a drama that doesn’t exist in the past or the future’. In order to make that kind of drama, we will have to work hard, and I will act with this thought in mind.”

Sato and Miura’s drama is scheduled to air on Thursday nights at 9 o’clock JST.
Oh i Can't wait to see miura new drama ^_^ more update will be coming soon >_<

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