May 14, 2011

With 21 members New idol KPOP!! here comes A-PEACE

After teasing their new fans with two MV teasers of their debut track “Lover Boy” at the beginning of April, the 21-membered boyband A-Peace (formerly known as Double B/21) has finally released their official MV!

It was reported by Golden Goose Entertainment that the 21 members will be promoting as three different sub-units of seven members each, rather than the whole 21 members standing on stage. The group are set to embark on their music careers through Japan’s “K-Theater” before making their official debut in Korea.

Check out their MV below!

Idol group A-Peace has been drawing considerable interest because their considerable size.

With twenty-one members of heights all over 185 cm - that’s Super Junior meets Nine Muses - their group size obviously presents challenges to even the most basic functions that normal idol groups are expected to perform/do. For example, divying up the singing will present a producer’s nightmare. Fortunately, a solution was found in splitting the boys into three groups of seven.
Japan has been keeping tabs on the debut, with mentions from Sankei Sports, TBS’s “Kuraberu Kurabera,” and special coverage from Fuji TV. The members were cast and produced by Kim Kyung Wook, who’s known for discovering and working with idols like H.O.T, Shinhwa, and TVXQ. Comprised of a total of 21 members, these flower boys are scheduled to perform at Japan’s “K-Theater” every day.

On April 1st, A-Peace will be opening their official Japanese homepage in preparation for their debut. The boys will be returning to promote in Korea after their Japanese debut.

But what about choreography? How can twenty-one guys all fit on the same stage and dance in unison? If you’re curious, check out this latest video from a live showcase on BBS Station, where they perform their catchy new track, “Lover Boy“.
Warning – it may prove to be a bit overwhelming at first, since it seems like there’s a nicely-suited mob on stage.

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