May 14, 2011

How long did artists need to wait for their first award?

Each and every artist works long hours of endless schedules and performances in the hope that one day, their name will get called out as the winner, be it on a weekly music program or a music awards ceremony.

There’s no denying that all of them work their hardest, but there are many singers who just can’t seem to hit that #1 spot like they’ve always dreamed of. While there are artists who receive their trophy less than a month after debuting, other groups and singers must wait as long as 4 years to experience their precious moments.

An artist’s first-time win will be a memory that they will hold and treasure for life, no matter how long it took them to get there. There have been countless times when artists become so overwhelmed by their win that they’re unable to properly thank everyone due to their never-ending tears.

Sports Seoul analyzed deeper into what artists have said in their thank you speeches when they won their first ever award after debuting.

<It hasn’t even been a year, and they’ve won already?>

Four-member female group miss A was brought into sudden prominence in the music industry throughJYP Entertainment. Thanks to their catchy dance moves and natural charisma in their performances, it was only 20 days after their debut when miss A began to receive numerous awards and trophies on public music programs for their debut track, “Bad Girl Good Girl”.

If JYP Entertainment had miss A, then YG Entertainment had 2NE1. This group didn’t even need to wait a month before receiving their first #1 win on various music programs. 2NE1 had been simmering interest for being the “Female Big Bang”, and shortly after debut, the group received their first ‘Mutizen Award’ on SBS’s “Inkigayo” for their debut track, “Fire“, back in 2009. At the time of their win, the members thanked their CEO and colleagues, as they said, “We respect and thank CEO Yang Hyun Suk. We thank all of YG Family.”

Meanwhile, Cube Entertainment’s 4minute took exactly 100 days for them to win on a music TV show. When they first debuted in June of 2009 with their track “Hot Issue”, it was mostly memberHyunA who received the most attention, primarily due to her prior activities as a member of the Wonder Girls. Nonetheless, the girls continued to work hard to show each of their true colors until finally, on September 26th of 2009, the group won their first “Mutizen Award” on SBS’s “Inkigayo” for their second title-track, “Muzik.”

Six-member group T-ara waited six months before winning their first award on KBS’s “Music Bank”. Having debuted in 2009, the idol group won with their hard-earned first “Music Bank” K-Chart win of 2010 with their first full album title trackadf, “Bo Peep Bo Peep.” At the time of their win, the members stated, “We will be working harder. We hope that everyone remains healthy in 2010, and we wish you a Happy New Year.”

<Waited 1-2 Years>

When four-member girl group SECRET first debuted, they received a considerable amount of attention for living in a basement, and they were subsequently nicknamed the “Basement Idols”. After a year and four months though, the girl group finally received their first trophy for their third single, “Shy Boy“, last February on KBS’s “Music Bank”. Overwhelmed by their win, each member showed tears of happiness, leader Hyosung in particular, as they thanked their families, colleagues, and fans for their love and support.

Brown Eyed Girls entered the music industry with their powerful talents back in 2006. Many acknowledged the group for their talented singing skills, but for a long time, they were unable to gain enough popularity to raise them to the number one spot. Two years later, the group underwent a transformation in their music style and concepts, which subsequently led to Brown Eyed Girls earning their first #1 win with their 2008 track, “Love“. At the time of their win, the girls showed unstoppable tears of happiness.

SM Entertainment’s f(x) also recently won their first K-Chart award on KBS’s “Music Bank”. On April 29th, the group released their first full album called “Pinocchio“, and within only a week of promotions, f(x) managed to earn their #1 spot with their title track.

It’s not only girl groups who express their happiness through tears though. Male idol ballad group 2AMdebuted in the music industry in July of 2008 with their first single, “This Song”, and a year and 6 months later, the group was finally announced as the winner of SBS’s “Inkigayo” for their hit track, “Can’t Leave You Even If I Die”. As they had been promoting at the same time as explosively popularSNSD, 2AM members themselves hadn’t expected such a win, and subsequently became overjoyed with tears.

<Finally at their peak, how much have they longed for this moment?>

Ever since changing around their members from a four-member group to a five-member group shortly after their 2007 debut, KARA have been considered as one of the top girl groups of the nation. After a two year wait, the girls was finally able to receive their first ‘Mutizen Song Award” on SBS’s “Inkigayo” on March of 2009. Soon after their win, leader Park Gyuri wrote on her minihompy, “I’d always imagined what it would feel like to win 1st place, but now that it’s become reality, it feels like just a dream. We will continue to work together and work hard to share more happiness with everyone.”

In the latter half of 2010, 2AM’s lead vocalist Changmin and 8eight’s Lee Hyun coallaborated to form a new project group called “Homme” with producer Bang Shi Hyuk. It was during these promotions that Lee Hyun was able to win his first award three years since his debut with 8eight. During Homme’s win on KBS’s “Music Bank” for “Still Eating Well”, Lee Hyun expressed, “I now want to win 1st with 8eight.”

Singer K.Will is also another case of a ballad singer leap-frogging past popular idol groups to gain his first music show win. The talented singer debuted back in 2007, but had to wait a whopping four years to finally be acknowledged with a first place award for his title track, “My Heart is Beating”. He was congratulated by numerous singer colleagues on the day of his win on April 3rd, and later that evening the singer wrote on his Twitter, “It took exactly 10 years. This miracle day of deep gratitude.” K.Will’s “10 years” refers to his 7 years of training and 3 years of promotions.

Veteran idol group Jewelry has been maintaining a substantial fan base ever since their debut back in 2001. Although many of their songs such as “Tonight” and “I Really Like You” became great hits in the music industry, it took a total of four years before the group was acknowledged with their first 1st place award with their hit track “Super Star” from their 4th album in 2005.

How long did it take your favorite group to achieve the top spot? Or if they haven’t yet got there, how long do you think it’ll take?
Source: Sports Seoul via Nate

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