May 12, 2011

Frankly said that i'm not really a fan of shojo manga. (Shounen always in my heart ^_^). I do read them just recently after i fall in love with Kaichu Wa Maid Sama!. Also thanks a lot to my good cyber buddy "Mapleleaf" since she always introduce a good shojo manga to me. (She really a big fan of Shojo manga).

So, today "Paradise Kiss" is the anime/manga that i want to story about. I watch the anime long before when it's airing in animax. WARNING: contain inappropriate scene.

Paradise Kiss is a short anime about how a young 18 year old girl's life is changed completely when a group of fashion design students kidnap her off the street to model their dress for a school fashion show. The main female protagonist falls in love with the main male protagonist and a love story is revealed. What sets this anime aside from the rest of the 'typical shoujo/romance' anime is that the relationship between the two are not as simple as it seems. The story itself has a realistic element to it making it more suitable for a mature audience rather than what the word shoujo literally implies.

Manga/Anime: Paradise Kiss was originally a manga created by Ai Yazawa (famous for Nana), and ran in the Japanese fashion magazine Zipper from the April 2000 issue to the March 2004 issue. Five volumes have been compiled, and all have been released, both in Japan, and Stateside from Tokyopop.

The anime was produced by Studio Madhouse (famous for Death Note, Paranoia Agent, and Devil May Cry, among others), directed by Osamu Kobayashi (who also directed Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad and Kimagure Orange Road), and ran on Japanese TV from October 13th, 2005 to December 29th, 2005. It has been licensed Stateside by Geneon, and the third and final volume was released this April.

I don't know how close this is to the manga, since i didn't read it, but I do know that Ai Yazawa worked pretty closely with Kobayashi on the adaptation, so I don't think people have too much to get worked up over.

I love the characters. They’re all so good looking! There’s Caroline, of course. Wild child trying to break free out of her serious shell. She’s so pretty. Then there’s the eccentric George, the bad boy of the story. The adorable Miwako and the rest of her family that’s just as adorable. Arashi, my favorite, who despite his looks is actually a man with morals. Finally, Isabella, the resident cross dresser – who I think is actually cool. What I like about these characters is they change throughout the series, especially Caroline. They actually all have depth – which is hard to accomplish especially in an anime that is only 12 episodes long. I would like to note that I like George and Caroline’s relationship, even though it was kinda weird sometimes. It’s like they would constantly fight and make up, and this is mostly due to George’s lack of ability to love.

The new updated about this series, in end May, this anime will out with live action movie....buckle up you sit and wait for the show >_<

For those who wish to watch the anime and read the manga here i give you the direct link straight to them ^_^

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  1. wow! i never thought that my name would appear in your post! :P hehe! anyway, you also help me to start watching shonen anime series. :)


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