May 8, 2011

Super Show 3 ended in Vietnam - Overview SUPER JUNIOR and SUPER SHOW 3 !!!

Overview of Super Junior and Super Show 3

They just finished their concert Road tour Asia (Super Show 3) which the finale was held at Vietnam. They really do a good job even with their busy schedule and lack of rest the make an awesome performance for their die hard fan in vietnam. CONGRATULATION to SUPER JUNIOR....

(2sao) Overcoming the ‘curse’ of 5 years and currently the biggest money-making machine* of SM Entertainment, Super Junior has affirmed their title as a top Korean boy band.

Super Junior (SuJu)
Years active: 2005–2010
Label: SM Entertainment
Sub-units: Super Junior-K.R.Y
Super Junior-T
Super Junior-M
Super Junior-Happy
Website: www.super-junior.co.kr

Members: Leeteuk, Heechul, Hankyung, Yesung, Kangin, Shindong, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Siwon, Ryeowook, Kibum, Kyuhyun

From the 1st left top - Sungmin, Leetuk, Siwon, Yesung, Ryunwook, Donghae, Shindong, Kyuhyun, Heechul,  and Eunhyuk
From a ‘project’ group…

At the start Super Junior was a ‘project’ group, meaning a temporary band, the original members could be replaced by new members, so the group was therefore called “Super Junior 05”.

- 2005 – 2006: Twins, Miracle and U

Super Junior 05 first appearance was on 2005.11.06 in SBS Popular Song with their single named Twins (Knock Out). The group’s first album – Super Junior05 (Twins) was released (and) in exactly one month later has sold 28,536 copies, ranking 3rd in the album chart of December, 2005. In that same year, “Show Me Your Love”, collaborated with TVXQ/DBSK became the best-selling record of December, 2005 with 49,945 copies sold.

February 2006, Super Junior05 performed Miracle; this was the group’s first song to peak #1 in online music charts of South Korea as well as the music charts of Thailand, drawing interest from international markets.

2005.05.23, the name Super Junior officially debuted, without the suffix “05” and with 13 members; the group released single “U”. Just within five hours of release, (U) had 400,000 downloads and ultimately exceeded 1.7 million downloads, crashing the server. Single “U” with 3 tracks had sold a total of over 81,000 copies and became one of Korea’s most popular songs of the year, ranking #1 for five consecutive weeks on two of Korea’s top music programs. By the end of the year Super Junior received over 7 awards in Korea’s top music award ceremony and won the title “Best New Group of 2006”.

- 2006-2007: Don’t Don and breakthrough success

2007.09.20, the 2nd album Don’t Don was released, selling 160,000 copies, (and) became the 2nd best-selling album of the year. The album had also found success in Taiwan, broke the record, and was the Korean album with the highest ranking on G-Music Combo Billboard Chart, surpassing their famous sunbaes DBSK and Shinhwa. Thanks to Don’t Don, Super Junior was nominated for 7 awards in the KM Music Festival and won 3 out of those 7, including: “Netizen Choice Award”, “Mobile Popularity” and specially the big award “Best Artist of the Year” (Daesang). The group also won “Bonsang” and “TPL Anycall Popularity Award” at the Golden Disk Awards.

- 2008-2009: At the peak with Sorry, Sorry

The 3rd album Sorry, Sorry was released on 2009.03.12, after releasing the preview; in less than a week there were 150,000 pre-orders. Sorry, Sorry quickly ranked #1 on Hanteo Chart and sold 29,000 copies the first day, surpassing the idol Seo Taiji with 25,000 copies. Super Junior’s Sorry, Sorry performance on the program Popular Songs on March 15 helped the ratings increase 14%, highest in the recent years. This song had also came as a storm over the Asian countries, keeping the record of 37 consecutive weeks holding #1 in Taiwan and 8-week consecutively #1 on Thailand’s Channel [V] Countdown Asian chart.

- 2010: Bonamana

2010.05.13, Super Junior’s 4th album Bonamana released with 10 members had broken their own record when there were 200,000 preorders ‘came flying’. “Bonamana” surpassed Sorry, Sorry with 42 weeks as #1 on Taiwan’s KKBOX Chart. 2010.05.17, the music video “Victory Korea” performed by Super Junior to cheer for the Korean soccer team at World Cup became the most favorite sports song, surpassing even Shakira’s “Waka Waka”, K’Nann “Wavin’ Flag” and Akon “Oh Akrica”.

To super idol

Not merely an idol band, Super Junior is worthy of the title “Super Idol” with their strong and diverse activities on many different areas. For example, Lee Teuk, Eun Hyuk, Shin Dong actively participated in all kinds of entertainment shows, from radio shows at night to the comedic trio in Strong Heart, Star King, etc. They are even viewed as the next MC generation of Korea. Meanwhile Dong Hae, Si Won, Sung Min, Shin Dong, etc aren’t hesitating to venture into the seventh art form. Their roles had more or less left a mark on the small screen.

The ‘super idol’ aspect of Super Junior also refers to their intimate, genuine bonds of the 13 young men with their fans, something rare, that no other male and female group in Korea has quite achieved. An article in Philippines last February had analyzed the reason why Super Junior was so terribly appealing. First, their ability to perform a wide spectrum of genres enables them to cater to a wide audience. An article once mentioned they can blend rock, rap and R&B. They also have some talent in sing the classics. This is not surprising when SuJu became the pioneer in splitting up into sub-units, each singing a different musical genre. Not only that, a band with four members singing is doable, a band with six members is a big feat. And with 13 members is disastrous! But Super Junior is able to cooperate together despite the large number of members, this is quite admiring.

Moreover, SuJu’s songs all have the ‘kilig’ element, making them appealing to young girls. Kilig: is a Filipino term which refers to a feeling of excitement when people are in-love or feel love**. To understand in simple terms, the boys’ songs give off different feelings, warm feelings. It’s like they are performing for you and you can see they put their hearts into it.

And the peak of Super Show

Super Show was first held on 2008.02.22 in Seoul. From then on, once every year, Super Show is held in many different countries in Asia, increasingly expanding into wider routes as well as quality. Super Show 3 kicked off on 14-15 August 2010 in Seoul, then to China, Japan, Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia, Hong Kong and the upcoming Bình Dương – Vietnam (May 7).

According to the organizer Viet Vision Company this Super Show 3 is going to be the program of the largest scale ever in Vietnam with almost all the stage, sound, light and technical equipment all brought from Korea and Malaysia, along with great ideas in the organization, the precise attention to every detail in the making of the stage and the artistic skills than ever of the Korean experts. Only a fan of Super Junior who regularly watches these boys in many entertainment shows will be able to see all the creative talents as well as the cute individual talents of Super Junior. Therefore the audience is not merely about to enjoy a great music show elaborately staged, new, unique but also relieve stress with dozens of funny moments, and performances with high interaction between artists and fans.

So in an overview, in the music sense, the audience can dance enthusiastically to the great dance songs like Sorry, Sorry, Bonamana, etc, immerse in the melodies of the ballads such as It has to be you, New endless love, One fine spring day, etc. As the audience of Super Show 3, you are also able to witness a SuJu super mischievous, super cute disguising as vegetables in Cooking cooking, a SuJu super charming and also super eccentric in cover songs Poker face, Single ladies. Adorning to that there definitely will be the hilarious display Teukigayo-style in Strong Heart of the trio Lee Teuk, Eun Hyuk and Shin Dong.

And specially, Super Junior will present to Vietnamese and international audience many special acts the group had prepared solely for Super Show 3 in Vietnam.

Lee So Man – SM Entertainment president is a person who looks far ahead, if (he) hasn’t foreseen the feasibility of market he wouldn’t have so easily let the “precious chick”*** hold the show. At Super Show 1, right from the first show in Korea, over 120,000 fans rushing to buy tickets had crashed the online ticket seller and within 18 minutes after, 13,000 tickets were sold out. This rapid “evaporation” had made SM Entertainment left with no choice but to hold 2 more shows to meet the fans’ demand. The impact is not only great in Korea but also in the later shows held at Thailand and China; all tickets were sold out at a fast rate.

With the success of Super Show 1, the group’s 2nd tour expanded into the whole Asia with 15 cities of 7 different countries. The tour with the purpose of promoting for their 3rd album “Sorry, Sorry” had attracted nearly 198,000 fans**** and all tickets were sold out within 10 minutes. Close to 40 items were performed under the elaborately staged, as well as sophistication in every detail.

The year 2010, after ‘storming’ all over the charts with the 4th album “Bonamana”, the “hurricane” with the name Super Junior continued to affirm their position by consecutively setting records with the 3rd Asian Tour – Super Show 3 with 20 shows at 9 countries.
In Korea and Japan, tickets were sold out in less than 5 minutes. Specially, this was the first time Super Show was held in Japan but had attracted almost 36,000 fans for every show.

Super Junior’s SS3 Concert had received many positive reactions, tickets sold out as fast as the speed of light. Many of the fans fought over, even queuing over night to get hold of a SS3 ticket. In Taiwan, according to a representative of an online ticket website, the ticket-selling rate of this website on average is about 2 minutes per fan. He also mentioned that with other Taiwanese artists like Jay Chou had also never been faced with this kind of situation. This shows the tremendous popularity of Super Junior.

Specially in Taiwan, Super Show 3 grossed over $2.8 million in profit, exceeding what the SM Town ’10 World Tour obtained in the U.S., becoming the first international artist in Taiwan to have the record of 3 shows’ tickets sold out. 6000 tickets were sold out in just a few seconds.

In addition, Super Junior’s “Super Show 3 3D” set a record with 11,940 viewers coming to watch only after 4 days. Before this, many other artists had also released a 3D version of their concert, but none has come close to the success Super Junior holds as of now.

Source: 2sao.vn
Translated by: Mai D (ngocmai207) @ SJ-WORLD.NET

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