Apr 7, 2011

Fans impersonate journalists to gain access to celebrities & studios

A recent event involving a fan impersonating as a journalist in order to enter the set of SBS’s “Strong Heart” has alarmed both representatives and stars alike.

According to an SBS representative, a fan attempted to enter the “Strong Heart” studio last month. “The fan brought with her an SBS entry pass, so we allowed her in without much thought. We only found out later that it was actually a fan, and she was caught taking over 100 pictures of the recording. A commotion was created when we were forced to collect her films. Her impersonation was very precise.”
This isn’t the first time it’s happened though. On February 10th, Korean and international fans impersonating journalists rushed the scene of Hyun Bin’s “Late Autumn” press conference.
MBC’s “News Desk” also reported on how fans impersonated journalists by purchasing expensive cameras and other equipment in order to perfect the part. Some fans from Japan and China even went as far as to create fake business cards  in order to attend various press events as a journalist.

Source: Star News via Nate

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