Apr 4, 2011

'World Star" Bi Rain, he can be a good Father Sweetttt!!!!!

Rain, (Jeong Ji-hoon) proved he was a fool for daughters.
Rain attended the 2nd Korean Seoul Culture and Arts Awards on the 28th and received the Grand Prize.
He smiled daddy smiles, getting hugs and kisses from a little girl who was the prize giver.
Even in his speech, he said, "Even more than the prize, I wanted these children's kisses. I want to have a daughter when I get married".
He didn't stop there. Even when he was leaving the stage, he took her in his arms. In a group picture at the end, he held her hands tight and showed special fatherly love.
Meanwhile, Rain had been caught in a pink scandal with actress Jeon Ji-hyeon last June.

Since he will coming to Malaysia for promoting Malaysian F1 Grand Prix this 10th April and a request from 'Nadia' i will post some story and news about 'Rain'......


  1. sugoii !!! thanx u so much!! >o<
    btw Rain lo so kawaii when he hold tat little girl.. *nose bleed*

  2. rite..he really sweet with the lil girl. That girl really lucky. he should get one on his own soon ^_^


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