Apr 6, 2011

I Love you 10 million times - Loving you a Thousand Times

Enough to understand what the story about with just hear the title 'Loving you a thousand times'. With 55 episode and now airing at  Astro SOne HD 393 every monday to friday 6pm. Frankly speaking i watch because Heechul [0ne of super junior member] was in the drama.
But than the story captivated me, even the plot not much different from other K-drama it's still worth it to follow the series. Actually this series was broadcast at SBS channel back on 2009 and also received a couple of awards on 2009 SBS Drama awards for supporting actress - Lee hwi hyang and New star awards - Jung Gyu Woon.

I like the lead actor and actress, they such a good combination i think 80% of the drama need them to cry. [it's make me want to cry also (>_<)]. Jung Gyu Woon ('Dr.Champ' and 'Sign') he did a good job here. With curly hair he look really handsome and cool but he show less of his great abs comparing in Dr.Champ. The lead actress Lee Soo kyung has supporting role in Daemul (Big Thing) series as Jang se Jin. I didn't watch her other drama but she pretty and sweet. Her acting also quit good.

Ok! lets get through some of the picture and storyline of the drama

Baek Jae Hoon and his wife, Lee Sun Young, desperately try to conceive a child but are unsuccessful. They turn to their last option, surrogacy, and this is where Go Eun Nim comes in. She is the surrogate mother which she take the offer to save her father life. Eun nim was separates which her son right after his birth. Several year later fate bring her to his son but in complicated way when she later falls in love with Jae Hoon’s younger brother, Kang Ho and also now her son uncle. She face all the obstacle to be with Kang ho and meantime to find her son without knowing he just in front of her eyes.

I do cry in some part while watched this drama, it's really touching and the ending it almost became a tragedy drama (you need to watch to know the ending). So here is the link..feel free to click (x_x)

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