Apr 12, 2011

Heechul (Super Junior) - The #1 Best Looking Cross-Dressing Idol!

You voted for MTV K’s top 10 cross-dressing idols and the tallies are in. Super Junior‘s Heechul took #1! Was it his milky skin, his perfect Lady Gaga impersonation or all those photoshopped pictures of him in dresses saturating Google Images?

It’s nice to know MTV K readers agreed with the original results for once though! The fan voted results didn’t differ much this time around with SHINee in second place and G-Dragon in third.

Check out the 10 Best Looking Cross-Dressing Idol !!

1. Super Junior’s Heechul

2. SHINee Taemin

3. Big Bang’s G-Dragon

4. JYJ’s Jaejoong

5. U-Kiss’ Kevin

6. Infinite’s Sung Jong

7. FT Island’s Seunghyun

8. F.Cuz’s Lee U

9. 2AM’s Jokwon

10. Teen Top Niel

Source: mtvk.com

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