Apr 25, 2011

Film adaptation of “K-ON!” finally reveals release date!

It was announced on the September 29th episode of ‘K-On!‘ that the anime will be getting a movie adaptation. The announcement was later posted on in the anime’s official website.

‘K-On!’ follows the story of four high school girls who joined a music club to save it from being abolished. Though not really talented in music, they practiced a lot until they became good at it. Originally, there were only four members, namely, Hirasawa Yui, Akiyama Mio, Tainaka Ritsu, and Kotobuki Tsumugi. Then, a year later, Nakano Azusa, their kouhai, joined the club.

Now details on this highly-anticipated release have finally been revealed!

During the February 20th event, “TV Anime ‘K-ON!’ Live Event ~Come With Me~”, it was announced that the movie version of the anime will be coming to theaters across Japan on December 3rd of 2011.
The popular series will also be making its manga comeback in the spring of this year after being dormant for nearly six months. More information about the “K-ON!” manga will be included in the April edition of “Manga Time Kirara,” the magazine in which “K-ON!” is published.

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