Apr 5, 2011

So ji Sub from actor to singer? ......

So JiSub's 3rd Digital Single "Pick Up Line" ~ Shows the actor in a funky hip-hop life style. Sporting his label "51K" An marketing music for everyone to see who the REAL SO JI SUB is~ before, he only known as a charisma leading actor with a several success drama like, Sorry i love you, memory in Bali/what happen in Bali, cain and abel, thousand years of love and Road number One.

To help FANs understand why he decided to make this MV~ Here is Jisub's quotes from the Star New's Article~~~

When asked why he took on such a challenge, So Ji Sub says that he wanted to show the public the side of him that he normally likes, not necessarily to create a new image for himself. Rather than being stuck in the character that the majority of the public has made for him, So Ji Sub wanted to show his true self, even if it's an image that might not be appreciated. "I want people to see me and say, 'Wow, that person's really unique. He's taking on something that most other people wouldn't take on,' rather than 'How cool. That's new. I'm looking forward to it,'" So Ji Sub said. "I want people to see it as me trying to show them and enjoy with them the real me, just like when I released my photo essay."

i'm Sorry but the beat of this song just sounds so funny yet so addictive.lolz i can't stop laughing. He's hot but he doesn't even dance at all does he! he just stands there like a wood. Really sexy voice though. I quess he's showing us his other alter ego of being pimp rapper..hahahah

like the scenes where he's like alone and trying to kinda dance? haha. yeah there were a lot of awkward moments in this MV. I loved his hair straight with the white suit and black shirt but the ahjumma hair and leopard jacket need to go haha.

Just listen and watch the MV...he really awesome and handsome

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