Apr 7, 2011

Welcome to the World of Wine - Kami No Shizuku

Hi everybody i hope you'll enjoyed your day like i do ^_^. Today i want to introduce another J-drama that i watched recently by the way it's because the lead actor is Kamenashi Kazuya. It's been broadcast in 2009 an this series was adaptation from popular manga with the same name 'Kami No Shizuku'. I'm yet to read all chapter of manga but i will read it soon because i think the character of 'Kanzaki Shizuku' really cool (>_<).

This not the best drama from Kamenshi Kazuya, the plot quite interesting but they should make it longer and more detail like the manga. Towards the end of drama become more interesting but they also should put more romantic scene. Since i'm really a big fan of Kamenashi Kazuya so i don't really mind how the story goes ^_^ just enough to see kame handsome face.

But for you i try to find a good preview ......lets rolee

Les Gouttes de Dieu (Kami no Shizuku), lit. The Drops of God) is a popular Japanese manga comics series about wine. It is created and written by Tadashi Agi, a pseudonym employed by creative team of sister and brother Yuko and Shin Kibayashi, with artwork by Shu Okimoto. All the wines that appear in the comic are authentic.

The series was first published in November 2004 in Weekly Morning magazine in Japan, and still runs to date. It is also published in Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Since April 2008, volumes have also been published in France by GlĂ©nat. As of December 2007 the series had registered sales of more than 500,000 copies. American publisher Vertical Inc will publish the series under the title "The Drops of God", with the first volume scheduled for a September 2011 release.

A live action television adaptation, also titled Kami no Shizuku, was broadcast by Nippon Television in January 2009.

Kanzaki Shizuku is the son of a recently deceased, world renowned wine critic Kanzaki Yutaka who owns a vast wine collection. In order to take ownership of his legacy, he must find 13 wines, known as the "Twelve Apostles" and the "Les Gouttes de Dieu" that his father described in his will. He has a competitor called Toomine Issei, a renowned young wine critic, who is his father's adopted son.

Shizuku has never drunk, nor had any previous knowledge about wines, but with strong senses of taste and smell, plus knowledge gained from his time with his father and with support from his friends and colleagues like sommelier trainee Shinohara Miyabi, Shizuku submerges himself in the world of wine and tries to solve the mysteries of the 13 wines and defeat Toomine Issei.To win each round of the competition of 13 mystery wines, Shizuku and Issei has to present a correct choice of wine and a valid manifestation of his candidate, which matches with Yutaka's description of the wine in his will. The judge is Yutaka's friend Robert Doi.

It's same like people said 'don't judge the book by it's cover'...so watch and evaluate yourself ^_^ ...below is the link:-

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