Apr 29, 2011

Check out a trailer for “Paradise Kiss: After School”!

Even though the movie “Paradise Kiss” (by Yazawa Ai) won’t be released until June 4th, the movie is already getting a spin-off, “Paradise Kiss: After School“.

Yukada Yuichi of “THE 3 People” will be doing the screenplay and storyline for the drama, which will be available via LISMO on au on May 6th.

The mobile drama is actually a prologue to the movie, and it will take place in George’s luxurious apartment, where we see him behave like no ordinary man performs. It’s a love comedy that is a little different from the movie.

A trailer for the “Paradise Kiss” spin-off drama, “Paradise Kiss: After School“, has just been revealed!

As we previously reported, “Paradise Kiss: After School” will be released as a mobile drama on May 6th, serving as a prologue to the upcoming movie. The story will take place in George’s apartment and is said to be a love comedy different from the plot of the main movie.

Take a look at the teaser below!


  1. he look so hot.. LOL

  2. Hey, I would like to know more about this. Do you mind mailing me? I wanted to know where I can watch it on the net. I'm kinda desperate for this :)

    email me as soon as you receive this comment : dramatickansas@yahoo.com


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