Apr 20, 2011

Korea’s Top 50 Most Handsome Men of 2011

Y-Star recently aired a television program that unveiled Korea’s Top 50 Most Handsome Men of 2011 voted by participants. Shockingly, more male actors made the list compared to male idols. 

Here it's COME the full list of the POLL...they really gorgeous 

1. Won Bin
2. Kang Dong Won
3. Hyun Bin

4. Jo In Sung
5. Gong Yoo
6. Go Soo
7. So Ji Sub

8. Nichkhun (2PM)
9. Song Joong Ki
10. Jung Woo Sung
11. Jang Dong Gun
12. Lee Seung Gi

13. Yoo Seung Ho
14. Kim Hyun Joong
15. Lee Sun Gyun
16. Song Seung Hun

17. Chun Jung Myung
18. Park Hae Il
19. TOP
20. Yoo Ah In

21. Jung Yong Hwa
22. Cha Seung Won
23. Lee Min Ho
24. Kim Nam Gil

25. Kim Bum
26. Rain
27. Lee Jung Jin
28. Park Yoochun
29. Jang Geun Suk
30. Lee Ki Kwang

31. Choi Si Won
32. Kim Jae Wook
33. Lee Byung Hun
34. Ji Hyun Woo
35. Jang Hyuk

36. Yoon Sang Hyun
37. Minho (SHINee)
38. Eric
39. Kwon Sang Woo
40. Cha Tae Hyun
41. Jo Kwon

42. Oh Ji Ho
43. Shin Ha Gyun
44. Yoo Ji Tae
45. Jung Jun Ho
46. Bae Yong Joon
47. Lee Jun Ki
48. Cha In Pyo
49. Kim Hee Chul
50. Choi Min Soo

Are you satisfied with the list? Who would you have voted for? ^_^


  1. Haha! I dont think I'll agree with the listing as some of the actors are deserved to be in higher rank instead of at the back! :P Of course, that is my ranking!

  2. yeah i know u will not happy cause your fav actor bae yong joon place at no.46 heheheh...so do i my fav Siwon only at no.31 but at least my fav Jung woo sung in top 10 ^_^

  3. hmmm ! i certainly dont agree well thts for me at least yong hwa and hyun bin is still there but lee hong ki of ft island is missing ??? !!

  4. 4 me jang geun suk is # 1 and lee hong ki would be # 2

  5. for me,it's JGS #1 forever

  6. I have to say....Bae Yong Joon Kim Hyun Joong, and Kim Bum should be at least in Top 10 if not in Top 3!!! :) In this order :P

  7. the fact that All older actors was in top 10 is understandable LOL.. Hyunbin and WonBin definitely deserve that. :)

  8. hmm... i disagree with this list. Its 2011. you should give appreciation to them who make good job in this year. who make a great album, drama or movie.

  9. why Lee Min Ho at no. 23?
    not satisfied...he should be at better ranking i think...

  10. lee min ho should be in first place!! and song seung hun only on 16? wtf. I don't agree at all!

  11. i think they choose more manly actor look than cute actor like Hongki Ft.Island or Jang geun suk.

  12. I can't believe that Lee Min Ho is at 23. Do you? He should at least be on the top 5. Or even top 1! He's the most handsome korean I've ever seen. No Joke. :)))

  13. yup i change my mind after watched him in City Hunter he really cool and handsome. he deserve better number maybe top 10.

  14. don't agree at all !!!!! with the whole list ... Cha Seung Won must be #1 .... i don't know is it made by voting or something like that, but i just can't believe it !

  15. !!!!!THIS HAS 2 BE A JOKE RIGHT r U CRAZY!!!!!
    there is NO way in H E L L that Heechul should be in the 40s n Waffle Prince Kim Jae Wook not top 5 is CRAZY PEOPLE CRAZY
    i watch everything KHJ but ive never seen anyone more beautiful then KJW (waffle prince)
    N Kim Hyun Joong not in top 5 is CRAZY
    I would like 2 know who did this poll
    TOP 10 in no order: Mr.KHJ Break Down is out people watch it; Sir Lee Min Ho i guess some of U havent seen City Hunter poor U; Super Juniors Choi Si Won my nick name for him superman; pretty eyes Heechul; Minho(SHINee);Kim Jae Wook(waffle prince)is the most upsetting for me im being punk right;Gong Yoo lov Coffee Prince n lets english; Rain not in top 10 is dangerous people what r U thinking really.Kim Nam Gil lov Bad Guy hot hot hot. Song Seung Hun My Princes watched over 2 times just to c him cry lov it.

  16. damn where's lee dong wook? this is not true...

  17. yeah lee dong wook is not here, it doesnt mean his not on top after he came out in the army...

  18. the survey may not be that accurate...
    lee min ho must be the number one..
    he deserve to be in the first place..

  19. this is carzy.
    lee min ho must be on top.

  20. haaa.. its really crazy.
    lee min ho must be on top.

  21. this is not true.
    why is it that lee min ho is in number 23? unbelievable.

  22. kim bum must be at least in top 10.
    he doesn't deserve to be only in number 25


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