Apr 25, 2011

What scene from a romance manga would you most like to experience?

goo recently held a fun romance poll, asking women to choose which romantic scenes from a manga they would most like to experience for themselves.

Coming in with the most votes was “holding me from behind and saying ‘I like you’”, probably because this rarely occurs in real life and is a situation mostly encountered solely in manga and anime. Second place went to “inviting me a bit forcefully by saying ‘come with me today’”, which voters found cute because it reveals the guy’s true feelings.

Check out the full ranking for this cute poll below! i love this....Kyaa

01. Holding me from behind and saying, “I like you”.
02. Inviting me out by saying a bit forcefully, “Come with me today.”
03. Patting my head and saying, “Do your best!”
04. Having the person I’ve always asked for love advice fall in love with me.
05. Kissing me when I turn my head around.
06. Looking worried and looking at me straight in the face, asking, “What happened?”
07. Fighting for my attention.
08. Suddenly taking me by the chin and kissing me.
09. Pulling me onto the train as soon as the departure bell rings when I come to see him off.
10. Wiping my tears and saying, “Don’t cry like that.”
The one i'm highlighted with RED color is my Favorite ^_^. So what is yours?


  1. I like surprise, therefore my choices are no.1 and no.8! :P

  2. Hi, may I know which anime is your fifth picture from? The one with the guy holding the girl's chin. I'll really appreciate it if you shared with me :)


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